• Night, silver snow danced along the wind that carried it through the sleeping forest. The icy wind blew through Adrian’s dark brown hair that clung to his ivory skin. Any normal person wouldn’t be caught dead walking through the frozen forest at such a late hour. But luckily for Adrian he wasn’t human; he hadn’t been for the last two centuries. He hadn’t wanted to come here tonight but he needed to hunt, he needed to feel the warm taste of blood flow down his throat. Stopping besides a dying tree he sniffed the stale air nothing, not even an animal was out on such a cold night. He sighed and closed his eyes and listened but he couldn’t concentrate all he could think about was blood. Suddenly he heard something moving through the forest and it was it breathing. He opened his grey eyes and looked off into the heart of the forest as he licked his lips. Someone was out there and their blood smelled delicious. Smirking to himself he cracked his knuckles, he was looking forward to this.
    Five miles away a girl ran through the forest; the crunching sound of snow beneath her feet seemed to echo through the silence. Erica looked straight ahead into the darkness as her long black hair blew against the wind behind her and her hands tightened into fists under the sleeves of the oversized jacket that she wore over a ripped pair of jeans and an old t-shirt. She turned back and scanned the shadows looking for movement. Had she lost them?
    She stopped running and listened no longer hearing the sound of their feet against the snow. Erica smiled she was free. She closed her blue eyes and thought of what she could with her newfound freedom she could eat what ever she wanted, do anything her heart desired. Opening her eyes she glanced around, she liked the snow it made everything look peaceful and beautiful. She was in mid-thought when she heard the cracking sound of dead wood and froze. Hands shaking she slowly turned around and out of the corner of her eye saw what she had feared. Standing behind her was large white wolf bearing its razor sharp fangs at her, its most distinct feature though had to be that it was missing its left eye. Erica didn’t wait to see what it wanted; she was off running again with the white wolf running behind her.
    Erica ran like death was behind her, turning back her eyes widened at the sight of the four more wolves that had joined the hunt. Blinking back tears, Erica kept running she wasn’t going to give up her freedom that easily.
    “Leave me alone” she shouted to the wolves that trailed behind her but they weren’t going to give up either, she could tell from their expression’s that they were starved.
    Suddenly she felt a something tugging on the back of her jacket. Spinning around and Erica let out a scream at the sight of a brown wolf’s teeth sinking into her jacket. Tearing the jacket off she kept running, the cold stinging her eyes. She had taken a few more steps when she felt a sharp pain in her back as one of the wolves head butted her making her fall into the snow. She sat up and realized that she was surrounded. Hearing a low growling she turned and saw the white wolf and knew what was coming. Closing her eyes tightly she brought her arms to her face in hope of some way of protecting herself but she knew that it was over. She waited for the pain of the wolf’s fangs to sink into her body but instead she heard something hard hit against a tree and a wolf’s yelp of pain.
    Erica’s eyes shot open standing a few feet away from her was a tall boy that looked to be about her age, eighteen. His back was to her and she followed his gaze over to the white wolf that now lay motionless besides a tree. Her eyes shifted back to him he wore all black, which was a huge contrast to his pale skin. He turned around and looked at her his grey eyes sending shivers down her spine.

    Adrian stared at the girl that sat in the snow behind him. Truthfully she was very pretty possibly even beautiful, that hair, those eyes. But none of that mattered to him the only thing he cared about was her blood and no pack of wolves was going to stop him from having it. He turned back to the pack, they were now circling him growling and bearing their fangs. Suddenly one of them started to run towards him Adrian deflected its attack easily. One by one the wolves attacked coming from all different angles he stopped them all. But it seemed that every time he knocked one down two more would take its place and soon the small pack of five had grown to a group of thirteen. After fighting off ten of them Adrian was beginning to feel tired. This would have been easy had he had all his strength. Unfortunately he hadn’t had any blood to drink in weeks. He all to well what happened when one of his kind went on long periods without blood. With each passing day they grew weaker until they either find a blood source or die. And at the moment Adrian only had less then half of his normal strength to back him up in battle. If that wasn’t bad enough the wolves seemed to sense his weakness and instead of attacking singly, they now were attacking in groups of two.
    Time was becoming unbearable. Each minute seemed to drag on and each second brought nothing but pain. Adrian glanced wildly around. There were too many for him to fight off. Suddenly a large brown wolf with a crazy look in its eye raced towards him before hitting Adrian in the chest, knocking him off his feet and into the snow. He sat up and realized he was trapped; all around him were wolves, each growling and staring at him with the same hungry expression. It was then that he noticed the girl still sitting in the snow. He had forgotten all about her.
    Is this girl stupid or something why doesn’t she run?
    Suddenly he felt a searing pain shoot through his entire body; painfully he looked over to his am and saw that one of those wolves had sunken its fangs into it.
    “Get off of me you blasted mutt” he shouted and raised his other arm preparing to punch it in the nose.
    But then he felt another pair of fangs sink into his other arm as two more of them jumped on his back pushing him back down into the snow. Pain echoed all over his body as the wolves sunk their teeth into his body, tearing at his clothes and flesh. There were too many to fight off. He struggled to lift his head off the ground and when he did he looked right at the girl and said with a voice that was full of agony, “Run!”
    If he was going to die here then he didn’t want some human to see it especially if that human was suppose to be his dinner.
    Erica had heard his request but she couldn’t move she just sat still with fear. Not only did she see what the wolves were doing to him but she could hear it too, the sounds of fabric ripping as well as the sounds of flesh being torn away from a body. She forgot all about the cold, the only thing she was aware of was the boy who was slowly dying in front of her. Finally she couldn’t bear to watch another second of this and tore her eyes away from him. What she saw standing behind herself sent another wave of fear through her body. Standing off in the distance was another wolf; only this one was larger and fiercer looking then the others. Its black fur looked like eternal darkness and its fangs were large and pointy. Erica opened her mouth to scream but no sound came out as she jumped to her feet and started to run. She didn’t get very far because the next thing she knew there was a sharp pain coming from her leg. The pain was so strong that she fell back into the snow. She looked up and her eyes widen at the sight of the black wolf’s whose teeth were biting into her leg.
    “Let go” she screamed and kicked in the wolf in the nose, which made it release her leg and back away.
    The wolf shook its head and looked back up her anger screaming from its eyes. It let out howl before charging towards her. Erica shut her eyes she knew that she was dead this time there was no one to save her now. The boy he was, no, he had to be dead by now, nothing more then a pile of bones covered in crimson snow. But the pain of death never came, the only thing she heard was sound of something landing in the snow followed by the sounds of feet running through the forest. Then there was silence with exception of someone breathing heavily. Erica cracked her eyes open then opened them all the way and let out a gasp. Standing about ten feet away from was the boy; clothing torn to pieces, cuts and scratches all over his body, holding his right shoulder tightly with his left arm and he was staring right at her. Erica looked right into his grey eyes that reminded her of a storm over the ocean the kind that caused huge black waves and lighting to cover the sky. He looked at her for a few seconds then started to move towards her. He took a few steps, each slow and shaky then a low groan that was full of pain and agony escaped his pale lips before his eyes rolled upwards and he collapsed into the snow.
    Erica sat in the snow shivering as she waited but the boy didn’t move again. Slowly getting to her feet then she limped over to him being careful not to make her leg worse then it already was and kneeled down besides him. Now that she was up close she could see how handsome he was. He had nice sculpted cheeks, a perfect angular nose, and soft pale lips. His hair, which was a warm shade of brown, hung loosely over face and blew lightly in the wind. Hesitantly she reached out and touched the side of his face, it was cold like she expected it to be. Slowly she moved her fingers down to his nice slender neck and searched for a pulse but didn’t feel a thing.
    She looked at the snow-covered ground that was stained with her blood and closed her eyes and felt tears roll down her face. She was crying for a boy who had given his life for her and she didn’t even know his name. She opened them and wiped the tears out of her eyes. Out of the corner of her eye she saw something unbelievable his chest was slowly rising. Like an excited child she clapped her hands together and brought her fingers back to his neck but she still didn’t feel a pulse but that didn’t matter he was alive that was what was important. Looking around she searched the woods for movement but the wolves were gone, for now. Very carefully she took his left arm and draped it across her neck then she got to her feet. To her surprise he was very light possibly lighter then her. She took a quick look at his face, he looked like a sleeping angel then she started to walk slowly back to where she came from. Along the way she passed to where she had first seen him, there were pieces of torn fabric and lots of paw prints but no blood. She looked back at his face and said softly, “What are you?” She looked around the forest; all was silent and still as if nothing had occurred there.