• There is a beautifull day that is sunny. But im tired. what i do? Im only a boy. But not a simple boy! i was trained with a sword. i have skill on it! This is why i don't have friends... i have a sad life, with my simple house, my car is soooo simple. But i don't care. I remembera day that i cry for the rest of the week.did you know why? Let me talk what happened:

    Was a good day for fishing, bug cathing, but no, im training and cutting with my sword, so simple. The mail guy was walked through here. and there is a message! I read it and i don't believe it. It was an invite to another city, a adventure city. And to a quest too. I accepted it. Later, on the other city, i accepted the quest proving that im fine. I finded this quest so many dark before start so i named it "dark quest". On three days i started the quest.

    Read chapter 1 to see what wil happen!

    Chapter 1 will come on minimum 2 days.