• The wind blows, the grass grows and another day comes. A small boy askes his mother "will the wind live forever mommy?" and his mother looks up at the sky and says "Yes, and his is very lonely. To live for so long by himself but he watches over us all and we are all greatfull" she says we sad eyes and a worn smile. At that time the boy didn't know what lonely ment or why mom looked so sad.

    A year later he finaly understood the wind. How the wind was still lonely even though around so many people. His mother had died in a car crash and he was alone. He was taken in my his stricked grandmother who didn't like him very much.

    As he entered the last grade of middle school he hid his beauty behind glasses so no one would find him. His grandmother took his night by using him as a host for her own type of "club".

    One day a student came up to the boy and asked if he would like to go with her this wekend. He declined but she kept trying with a smile until he had to say yes.

    The boy had many times thought about death but was to scared. That weekend he snuck out and she took that boy to go to a orphanige to see the children. The boys eyes looked sad and the girl said "Its not your falt" then smiled "Theys kids have alredy learned the lesson of life and loss and so do you. You need to move on and live." then faded off. When he looked up she was gone. Though her voice reminded him of his mother some what.

    A few years later from then he remeber that has it was the only thing in the world. After that he found a good job and an apartment and moved out of his grandmothers. To live, life with his first love. Then for the first time the boy was a man.