• For Magimachiners, the world was once theirs to control.
    ten thousands of years ago, they were kings that fly above the face of the Earth. They were unrivaled. They were gods. They shape realities, and all of Earth bows to them.

    But now they were all behind the Segregadark, The Walls that imprison them.

    Seven Thousands years ago, they were divided between The Heraldings and The Benefactorings. The Heraldings sought to remain in control, and sought to keep civilizations shaped by their wills. The Benefactorings argued that in order to spark full potentials of humanities, they need to share their knowledges more with the rest of the human beings, The Biasas.

    A battle raged. The Benefactorings win by thin margins, with helps from the Biasas. The Heraldings were then offered to be partners in usherings humanity into its fullest potentials, but the majority of them refused and sought to live on their owns.

    This lead to a thousand year of silent battles to capture the now rebellious heraldings. The Benefactorings, succeeding in ushering Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, and Aztec into rising civilizations, become weaker. They have expended more resources for humanity faster than they could replace. The Benefactorings numbers were reduced, some that remains were slowly corrupted, and The Reign of The Magimachiners were declining.

    Then a new faction rise: The Sealings. Made from the alliance of several rebellious prodigy students of the former members of the Heraldings, they have successfully strike down all of the remaining Magimachiners and seal them into the pocket dimension they named Segregadark, made by the amalgamation of the powers of The Heraldings.

    The Sealings then took control of humanities, and guide their developments along the balanced path of ThreeSeals: Seeds, Growths, and Prunings.

    Behind The Segregadark, The Magimachiners watch The Sealings dictate the world, and see flaws behind their methods.

    One of those flaws were the advance of wave-carried informations. The Sealings, now somehow limited in their resources, were unable to keep The Segregadark as efficient as before. The Prison realms are now leaking here and there, and the carrier waves were able to penetrate it.

    The Heraldings and The Benefactorings, long agreed to have a truce, have been able to manipulate the waves long time ago. Now that they are penetrating their prison realm, they are ready to hitchhike the wave to go outside, slowly, one Magimachiners at a time.

    Now, thirteen Magimachiners have been succesfully liberated from the Segregadark. Silently, in cover of Void Magicks, they have been able to slowly disrupt the control fo The Sealings.

    Soon, more Magimachiners will join them. And soon, The Sealings will realize that they have failed to maintain the integrity of the Segregadark. Soon, the war of powers will be waged once more.

    Soon, the hitchhikers of waves will try to put the humanity under their control once more.

    note: check your lives. have there ever been an abrupt change of hearts? a sudden change of fate? a reality shock? If yes, beware. The Magimachiners have tagged YOU!