• No countries could stop Indonesia.

    China and USA was locked on cold war, and Japan and Korean Countries can only pitifully look to the conflict as their liberty had been nullified by China and USA Buffer Countries Agreement following The Credit War that almost leveled up both sides of Pacific.

    European Unions and The Great Russian Welfare Federation have been silent during The Credit War; busy taking care of its aging monarchies and archaic aristocracies and limping Balkan families and isolated Nordic countries.

    Africa is in utter chaos as warlords go free unchecked, often sponsored by shady organizations originated in America or Europe. United Nations lost more than half of its members; only South American and some Asian countries remain there. Australia was silently trembled on its feet as it watches its resources dried up and its economy cracking. India had taken over Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan. Arab is united under Saudi’s Empire following their decrease in then almost unused oil and gas productions and relies only on high-class tourisms and The Hajj Pilgrimage. Five years after the Daulah Arabia, Israel was wiped out as USA is gunning down and being gunned down by China.

    English was idle and silent.

    So when President Ken Syaiful, also known as Kinetik, the heroic leader of the rising Indonesia declared occupation on East Timor and Papua New Guinea, and then continued on to take over all ASEAN members, no one could do anything but disbelieving and cursing its aggressions.

    50 years later, unbelievably, wars were still raging on as truces and betrayals occur again and again. Technologies get stolen here and now, as The Evolved, meta-gened humans with mutations that allow them to perform unbelievable feats were holding the pivotal roles of technology advancements and its “secret distributions”. Ken Syaiful declared that he is one of them; he even said to be the strongest.

    50 years later, guns and tanks evolved into mechanical humanoid and animaloid war machines nicknamed as Metal Jackets.

    The stalemate continued on.

    But unknown to the great warring nations, another faction had been plotting to end the war, and any wars, once for all.