• Kaminari turned the corner of her street. Her pink snow boots thumped against the cold concrete sidewalk. She pushed her dark blue bangs out of her face. The girl still wasn’t used to her new cut and color. Her bangs were dark blue and the rest of her bob was purple. Kaminari was all about color. I mean, come on. What else would you do when one eye was green while the other was blue? Her eye disfiguration was what Kaminari was born with. She was also a little husky and loved the cold.
    Her red coat was thinning, causing Kaminari to shiver as a cool breeze waltzed by. Her black skinny jeans were accompanied by her rainbow studded belt. As she stopped short in the middle of Howellz Park, she happily laughed out loud and spun around, dropping onto the ground. All of a sudden, a small white speck hit her cheek. It started snowing as Kaminari smiled, enjoying the white scene taking over the park. Her neon orange tank top shifted up to reveal her toned stomach. All that time on Wii Fitness really paid off. She put her hands behind her head as she close her eyes. Opening her mouth, a few snowflakes floated onto her tongue, sending shivers down her spine. This was the life, a snowy day in nice, quiet Furrow Valley. Kaminari could hear someone running at top speed, coming towards her. She didn’t bother to open her eyes. After all, she had on a red coat and a frikken traffic cone orange tank top. Who wouldn’t notice?
    The person was getting closer and closer. Kaminari could hear the person and could tell that it was a boy. The boy ran faster and faster as he tripped over Kaminari. She clutched her stomach as she let out a groan. Dang, that hurt like a witch! Rage bubbled up inside of her as she sat up face to face with the boy.
    He had brown hair, gelled up in a crazy yet organized fashion. His brown eyes were glowing, full of energy. He had on an apologetic smile, waving his hand. His polo shirt was wrinkled and his khaki pants were held up by a brown belt.
    “Oh crap, I’m so sorry. I didn’t notice you,” said the boy, quickly getting up and helping Kaminari up.
    “How could you not notice? Oh, never mind. It’s okay,” said Kaminari, taking his hand and getting up.
    The boy looked at her clothes and smiled. “Not from around here, are you?” he asked with a chuckle.
    “Oh gee, how’d you guess?” she answered sarcastically.
    The boy looked at the girl again as he took a step closer to her. “People like to blend in around here. Besides, I wouldn’t think that such a cute face belonged around these parts,” he explained with a sweet smile.
    Kaminari looked up at the boy; he was slightly taller than her. He was the only boy who had ever made her blush. She quickly moved her head back and forth as she tried to erase the quick reddening of her cheeks.
    The boy chuckled. “The blush goes well with your sapphire and emerald eyes,” he said with another genuine smile.
    “Um…thanks. Well, I don’t think I know your name. Mine’s Kaminari,” said Kaminari, the leftover blushing starting to creep back.
    “Oh, sorry. Cute name. My name’s Jakob, with a ‘k’. I know, it’s weird,” Jakob sighed, shaking his hair to loosen the flakes of snow on his head.
    “Nah, it’s an awesome name. It’s so unique. Nice to meet’cha Jakob,” Kaminari smiled.
    “Thanks. So…,” Jakob looked around. All of a sudden, a devilish grin appeared on his face. “Snowball fight?” he questioned, raising his left eyebrow.
    “Hellsyeah!” Kaminari shouted in response as she playfully pushed Jakob to the ground.
    “That’s not fair! That was a cheap shot! “Jakob yelled as she started to pack in a snowball.
    Kaminari quickly scooped her hand into the snow as she created her ammo. She threw the snowball at him as she called out, “Of course I’m cheap! I can’t afford your things!” Jakob dodged the attack as he hid behind a nearby tree. With a quick glance, he launched his attack as the snowball hit Kaminari in the chest.
    “Ow! Boobshot!” she cried out as she hid behind a log. “Do you want my boobs to swell?” she asked as she packed in another snowball.
    “It depends, “Jakob called out,”what size are they?”
    The nerve! “Well, I just recently had boob surgery and now they’re a D!” Kaminari shouted, throwing another snowball.
    “Hah!” shouted Jakob, whistling and cracking up. He then attacked with his massive load of snowballs. Three hit Kaminari’s leg as she tripped.
    “Off!” She hit the ground with a thud and was still. Jakob panicked and carefully walked over to where Kaminari lay.
    “Kaminari? Are you-“He was cut off as Kaminari exploded with a massacre of a huge snowball.
    “Gotcha! Jakob!” she cried out with a huge smile plastered on her face. This was so much fun! Jakob pushed Kaminari to the ground to stop the attack.
    “Ha-ha!” he yelled triumphantly. He took a few steps forward when he tripped and fell on top of Kaminari. Both of their faces were beet red; they were only inches apart. She could feel her face start to burn. She hadn’t realized it, but Jakob had really pretty brown eyes. Jakob’s face was just as red as Kaminari’s as he stared down at her. She tried to squeak out a response to her…unique positioning.
    “Uh…” was all she managed to say before she heard yelling. Both Jakob and Kaminari turned their heads. All she could see were five polo shirts before Jakob blocked her view.
    He quickly whispered in her ear, “Please forgive what I’m about to say and do. No matter what happens, I just want you to know that I think you’re fun and I want to know more about you.” Before Kaminari could process what he said, Jakob slapped her across the face. Her face turned towards the polos as her left cheek stung.
    “And that’s what you get for talking to me!” Jakob shouted as he got off of her. He spit in the area next to her face. Kaminari didn’t know why, but her eyes started to fill with tears. Was it Jakob’s betrayal, the shivers down her spine, or the sting of the slap on her cheek? Either way, tears were crawling down her cheek, and she couldn’t stop them.
    “Jakob, man! What are you doing with this tramp?!” snickered one of the boys in disgust.
    “Nothing. She just started talking to me out of nowhere,” said Jakob as he averted his gaze.
    “What the hell, man?!” said another guy.
    “Yeah, yeah. C’mon, let’s go, stated Jakob, walking towards his ‘clique’, leaving Kaminari staring after him. Sorry Kaminari, I need to keep up my image.
    As Kaminari stared after Jakob, anger started bubbling in her. She quickly got up, brushed off the snow, and kicked a tree. Jakob turned around at the sound of a tree being hit. His eyes met briefly with Kaminari’s. His brown eyes were full of regret and sadness. The girl unclenched her teeth as she slumped against a tree. Her back hit the trunk and the newly fallen snow on the branches came crashing down on her head. Peachy frikken keen! She brushed the snow off her head and sighed. This day sucked.