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    Falling Petals

    Chapter Two

    Your immortal

    Those words drove Anna mad. "Me immortal...???You're crazy!" said Anna slowly getting up.

    "Oh really?Then how do you explain your neck my dear?" Miss Merissa said and took a step foward towards her.

    Anna stood still,she didnt know why but her legs woudnt move.She body was so stiff.

    "Dear,let me tell you a certain story alright?"

    Anna gulped.She knew she qoudnt like what she was about to hear.

    "You see..do you want to know how to get rid of your powers?" said Miss Merissa and grinned.

    "No!Because I dont have any powers!Im just an average girl!" I cried.I didnt want to believe that I had supernatural powers.

    "You see your family has been having this curse for generations...and the only way to get rid of it is to.."

    "Kill yourself..."

    "What!?You crazy!?" I said and took a step back.

    "Thats why your dear mother died Anna..dear Christine.." she said.

    "My mom has nothing to do with this!" I shouted with anger.How dare she!?Is she trying to tell me that my mom died for her own sake and she didnt love us enough!?

    I turned around and started to run.Thats what my mind kept telling me to Run!Run and Run!I ran out the school gates and headed my way to my house.I stopped to catch my breath and turned.She wasn't following me?

    But I coudnt help but think why?

    I looked over at my bright blue shirt which was badly stained.Then I lifted my hand over to my neck.The would wasnt there anymore!?Thats impossible!

    I crossed my hands over.I can't tell my dad about this.He'll think im going insane.I'll just say that we were going a little crazy with the paints during Art Class.He will believe me then.

    If I told him the truth,he would say "Anna,do you have a headache?Honey,are you sick?"

    I frowned and sighed.When I reached the door of my house,I took out the spare keys which I had.I woudnt like it if my dad was sleeping or something.But he could have gone out.

    I unlocked the door and stepped inside.I ran up the stairs which lead to my room.I threw my school bag across the floor,changed my clothes and took a long shower.The clothes which got stained were thrown into the dustbin.I didnt think that they were usefull anymore.I changed into some new clothes after my shower and started to do my homework.But I coudnt help but think about the incident that just happend.

    I decided to call Emily. "Hey Em,hows it going?" I said casually.

    "Nothing really,just watching some TV.How about you?" she said.

    "Umm..Emily,your my best friend right?And you would believe me if I told you anything right?" I said.

    "Hey,where is this leading to Annie?" she said,her voice sounding serious.

    "Umm...You know before I went home..I forgot my textbook so I ran in the school to get it and umm..Miss Merissa stabbed my neck" I said and closed my eyes hoping she would believe me.

    Instead,she laughed hysterically. "You always get me good Ann!Hahaha..Anyway,I've got to go now.My mom wants me to go to the grocery store to buy something,See you tommorow!"

    "Wait!Emily!" I siad but the line went dead. I sighed and I threw myself across my bed.

    What do I do now?No one will believe me..No one..I wanted to cry my eyes out.But that still woudnt help me.But maybe what Miss Merissa said was true...

    Maybe what she said about my mom was true too..

    And maybe what she said about me..was also true..