• ~ ~ ~
    The wind blew softly against her hair, making short strands tickle her nose. Birds and crickets chirped, each with their own, beautiful, unique sound. She opened her eyes, expecting to be outside from what she could feel and hear, but all she could see was darkness. As far as the naked eye could see, the surrounding area was pitch black. She sat up suddenly and rubbed her eyes, then attempted to look about again.

    What was going on? Her hands reached up to her face as she shut her chocolate brown eyes, then opened them again. She could see nothing but utter blackness. The girl froze when she heard a soft thump nearby. Her body immediately tensed up when she felt cold steel touch her chin and raise her head up with a slight upward movement. Fear rose up slowly to her throat, and she had a sick feeling in her stomach.

    "H... Hello--?" She had begun to speak, but was soon cut off by a low voice.

    "Stay still; let me take a good look at you," said the voice softly. The girl could feel a presence in front of her shift, as did the steel. Instead of becoming so afraid to the point of screaming for help, this person's voice made her curious. She soon forgot about the steel and concentrated on the quality of the voice.

    A... This voice is rather low in pitch... Obviously a boy, she thought with a blink of her eyes. She still couldn't see a thing. She also considered something rather strange. ... Either that, or this person is a very interesting female.

    "Do you... Do you sing?" the girl asked curiously.

    The voice let out a laugh; it sounded somewhat hard and cold, yet there was a sense of warmth and amusement toward her question. Definitely sounded like a male. Maybe it was just her, but that's what it seemed like to her. She tried to move her head to look up, but still felt the cold steel under her chin and stopped moving. Something was telling her that the steel was rather sharp, and any sudden movements might end up with her being headless.

    "Sing? Instead of panicking and asking for help, you ask whether I sing...?" He sounded somewhat surprised, and his presence shifted once more. He paused for a moment before answering. "... Yes, I do sing."

    "Could you sing for me?" She asked this question carefully and tilted her head slightly to one side. The girl could feel some hesitation in the other person, but before she could say "Nevermind; that's alright," the male began to sing.

    The tune was soft and melancholy, and through this male's voice, it sounded just right. It made her heart ache. She felt as if she couldn't breathe, and her heart skipped a beat.

    I can listen to this forever, the girl thought with widened eyes. However, her next thought made her heart feel as if it would break. If only I could see his face...

    When he finished singing, her heart sank. She wanted to continue listening to him. His index finger gently lifted her head up once more; she realized that the steel had moved from her chin, and that she had her mouth slightly open due to her amazement toward the male's singing voice. She shut her mouth quickly and felt her cheeks heat up slightly. He sang bass...

    "I... I think I'm in love with--" She began to speak her mind to him, but the other swiftly cut her off.

    "You're... blind..." he said softly. He then removed his finger from her chin, and she felt him move away. This time, her heart really did feel as if it broke. By his statement, she couldn't tell whether he meant that she was truly blind sight-wise... Or if he meant that she had fallen blindly in love with a stranger's voice.

    The stranger was soon gone, leaving the girl to sit on the ground in her eternal darkness with a feeling of numbness.
    ~ ~ ~