• She was given this title after she was found laying on the ground in the forest; near the town of Dalong. She was found with a staff that looked vary mystical; the glow her body gave off was the light of a thousand- no a million shining crystals. she was adopted by the towns healer, but little did the town know the curse that came with such beauty. She was out on her morning walk when her back felt like it was breaking, she knelt down, and the skin on her back broke. Wings broke out , and they looked as if they where form a fairy; she collapsed from the pain, and fell into a coma like state. When she woke up her foster mother, named Amila, was crying fairy looked at her mother, and asked.
    " What is wrong mother?"
    " You have wings can you not see that! " Amila screamed.
    " what is that a problem mother?" She asked, she was only 16 so she didn't know of the wor that was going on.
    " Yes the wings you have are of the fairy princess, meaning we are going to have to kill you." Amila cried harder now, Fairy was in shock she didn't know what she was talking about, but she knew the word kill, and she didn't like it.
    " But I have lived here for more then a full cycle of seasons, am I not part of this town?"
    " You are, but because of what you are we are to kill you. As ordered by the royal family, I don't want you to go Fairy, but i have to...." Amila dug her head into her hands
    " Then don't mother, let me leave, before they come to get me I can run to the forest that is where I am to return to any way."
    " No I can't, they would kill me then."
    " I won't let them I promise." Fairy smiled her heart warming smile, then touched her mothers bowed head. She petted it gently, and sang a small song, it was a gentle song smoothly sung.
    " Dear mother, don't let your child go
    Dear father, teach your son his strength.
    Dear daughter, learn to cook, and to show you caring.
    Dear son, learn to hunt the game, and bring it back to eat.
    now that you all know this lean close, take each others hand
    take each others love, and bring it back to the table each night.
    Never kill the one you wish to protect, and comfort each other
    Now its time for me to go, for I the great goddess she never come back."

    Fairy stopped her mother was watching her like a child, Amila stood up, and hugged fairy, then Amila showed her to the back door, and opened it.
    " Go you are free fairy princess."
    Fairy left out the door; grabbing her staff on the way out, and looked back the door was closed, and the last thing she heard was the sound of flesh getting torn apart. Fairy reached the forest, and she was never seen again, but once in a while you may catch her starring at the back door of that house.