• One dark cold morning, Sasuke was running through the deep dark forest. He had just heard a series of screams and wanted to know where it was coming from. The screams grew louder and louder, until he came to a cave near a river. He ran inside and found a girl unconscious and her right arm was severely bleeding. He ripped off his precious shirt collar and wrapped it gently but firmly around her arm. Then he gently picked her up, and carried her to the nearest hospital.
    When he arrived he laid her down into a bed, and gave her one last look. He gave himself a deep breath and walked away.
    "Wait..." a soft voice called from behind him.
    He turned around and saw it was the girl.
    "Thank you..." she said weakly and fell back into her dreary sleep.
    (1 week later)
    As Sasuke was walking past Ino's Flower shop, he heard Ino call out to him.
    "Oh Sasuke! I have something for you!" She said and ran by his side. She laid a rose out in the palm of her hand and said, "Happy Valentine's Day." And then ran back inside.
    Sasuke stared at the rose, and just when he was about to throw it away, he ran into something.
    "I'm sorry." said a gentle voice.
    "Well. Next time..." he said but then paused. "... I should look where I am going." Standing before him was the girl.
    "So it's you again?" She said softly giggling.
    He nodded and started to show a slight smile.
    "I never got your name." She said staring at his narrow brown eyes.
    "S-Sasuke..." he said trembling with excitement.
    "Well I'm Ame." she said with a soft laugh. "Oh, and thanks again for saving me."
    "No problem." he said starting to calm down."Would like to go out for some dinner or something?"
    "Sure." She said and grabbed his hand.
    They finally made it to a small cafe, and began to have their dinner. After two long hours of talking, Sasuke grabbed Ame by the hand, and lead her out into a garden.
    "Wow! This is amazing." She said gripping harder onto his hand.
    "Really?" Sasuke said shocked.
    "You want to know something?" she said softly.
    "What?" he said giving her a loving look?
    She whispered into his ear, “You’re it." She said and tugged on his shoulder and ran away.
    He chased her far down into the garden and finally when they were in a Sakura patch up on a high hill, he jumped and grabbed her from behind and started rolling down a hill. When they reached the bottom of the hill, Ame was on top of Sasuke.
    "Wasn't that fun?" Ame asked.
    He softly laughed and looked into her big blue eyes. Their tenderness seemed to pull onto him. His heart was pounding. Her lips seemed to be calling to him. She was so beautiful, that he felt he was going to die right there in front of here. He could feel her heart pounding against his. For moments there was complete silence. "What if she doesn't feel the same way about me?" He said in his mind.
    As Sasuke was thinking, Ame was also having some thoughts about him too. He just seemed to capture her. When he picked her up from that cave, even though she was unconscious, she could feel the connection they had. She thought deeply.
    Finally Ame had broken the silence and said,"Sasuke, do you..."
    "I know what you are going to ask. Yeah I do." he said quivering.
    "So do I..." she replied. It's different when I'm with you. I mean I know that this is the first time we have ever spoken to each other, but in ways I think..."
    But it was too late, her words were cut off by Sasuke's lips. It seemed so full. Everything seemed to be in place at that very moment. Seconds passed by and they enjoyed every moment of it. Finally Ame backed off. She gave him a tender look. He laughed and Ame got off his chest.
    "Well..." She said.
    "So how about tomorrow? Are you free?" He asked.
    "For you only." She said.
    They laughed, grasped hands and walked back home.