• Beautiful angels sleep,
    White wings, dark wings,
    Send anything for my soul to keep,
    Together we shall weep…

    She was sleeping in her lighted room all-alone, and alone she thought she was. The storm outside had kept her awake for most of the night, with its pounding rain hitting against her window as her father once did ever so selfishly to her. She had the lights in her room on because being a child of only six was afraid of the things that go bump in the night. The lightning flooded the room with blinding light, and then the room…went dark. Her breathing grew heavy and began to struggle. Her dreams had collapsed into darkness just as the light in her room had. She awoke. “ Why…?” She said in scared anticipation. “Why are you here…daddy…?” Although she meant to say it to herself she knew the figure in the doorway had heard the fear in her voice…but it stood there, silently patiently.
    The CLASH of the lightning struck again and flooded the room with light once more…at that instant; the figure standing in the doorway was illuminated. The flash of instant vision that was given to Alaina was horrid, and even though the room was once again dark, the sight of the thing was burned deep into the depths of her conscious mind. She tried to stop from screaming, but the whimpers that were inside of her couldn’t help but escape out of her small delicate lips. Indeed, she felt dead from the horror, yet she could still feel and wanted nothing more than to be dead. Dead and gone and away from here, that was all that she had ever wanted, enduring the things she has in her short 6 years.
    Tears poured to the point of nearly drowning herself. This thing…. this thing could smell the fear in her, I think at that point of horror, any mortal could have sensed the musty taste of fear in the air, but the difference between most mortals and this thing was vast. The main difference, anybody could have seen. This things only way of living was to dine on fear. That was its victual…fear… “Help me…” she silently whispered….”Angels please…the good angels with feathers…please…” She didn’t mean to speak at a tone in which this monster could easily hear, but indeed she did, and indeed it did hear.
    “Ple….” Her pleading was interrupted when this thing approached so close to her. It didn’t even seem like a second had passed when it closed in on her from across the room….