• Pack Mates

    How should I start this book? Well the beginning sounds about right. At my school last year I passed a note to my friend Seth. I finally decided to tell him my obsession. I had been obsessed with werewolves! I even believed I was becoming one, and I was right! Steve intercepted the note, read it, then he gave me that evil grin of a smile he gives people. That's what started the new beginning!
    You see at my high school, I'm fourteen, a kid named Steve, very muscular, had a gang going at my school. This year he's been hanging out alot around the woods a couple miles away from my neighborhood. for three days every month, I hear howling, during those days Steve isn't at school, during those days. Too afraid, I stay inside wondering what's out there in the wide woods.

    My parents were in Dallas, Texas for a week, so like they'd care at the moment about what I do. They go on vacations alot without me, but that's because I choose not to go. They only take long vacations during the spring and summer. Since we live in the not-so-interesting Omaha, Nebraska they require excitement, but who can blame them? I didn't search very long, nothing was found.

    One day in May, Steve wasn't at school. After school I decided to go to the woods and see what he was up to. He didn't show up until around 8 o'clock PM, but I had my mp3 player so I wasn't totally bored. When he did show up, to my surprise he was with some other people! I knew them from school. A couple were my friends in junior high. The twins Rex and Rick for example. "Why are they all here?" was my question.
    Fortunately I was about to find out. I was only a couple meters away, I tried to move closer and stepped on a twig. The twig snapped so loudly I knew I was toast. "Rob, go find out what that noise was!" said Steve. Atleast now I knew Steve was the leader. I heard a noise and looked up to find that Rob was staring down at me. "How'd you get behind me without me hearing you?" I demanded."Well," he replied "you'll either find out now or die where you stand!"

    "Don't make us seem so vicious Rob! We want young Taylor to join our little pack, not be feasted upon by us!"shouted Steve. "Wait a minute! Don't tell me, you wanted me to join after you read that note I was giving to Seth, am I right?" I replied. "So you do know something afterall. Yes that is the exact reason! Until I read that note, I didn't even know what you thought of me or anything, but now I read you like a book. You feel ostracized and lonely. I also know what you crave! You want to be a..." I cut him off. "Werewolf! Yes of course I do, but how are you going to give me that desire?" I asked eagerly awaiting for an answer. "In five minutes you'll find out, until then I want to talk to you...privately." I followed Steve until we were out of earshot of the others. "Taylor," asked Steve. "Yes?" I replied. "Is this truly what you want to be? Do you absolutely want to be a werewolf?" "Of course!" I shouted back. "Ok then. I just wanted to make sure that I knew what you wanted." We sat for the next three minutes in silence. "Are you ready?" asked Steve. "...Yes" I replied. After I said that he rolled onto the forest floor in pain. I sat there and watched his body mold into the shape of a wolf. First his fangs came, then everything else a split second later. He stared at me, I stared back. He was on all fours

    Then in a flash of black he lunged at my left arm. I was pinned to the ground by his weight. He bit my left arm just hard enough to break through the skin. After he bit me my arm burned like hell! My new wolf-like instincts were taking over me. I looked at the sky. The full moon gave me a feeling, a weird blood-boiling feeling. It felt... amazing! At that moment I knew I was now in a pack that welcomed me just because Steve liked me as a new person he could trust. That made me feel like I finally had a purpose to live on. At that moment I also began to change. I collapsed on the floor in pain! I blacked out after that.

    When I awoke, I opened my eyes only to see someone sitting in the chair I had in front of my computer. He was unnaturally pale, black hair, and the most blackest eyes I've ever seen, and trust me I've seen weirder. "Good your awake! Oh I'm terribly sorry, my name is Edward. Steve asked me to look after you. Your pretty heavy for a fourteen year-old." said the mysterious stranger. "You carried me here?!" I shouted. "Yes." he boasted.
    "But how?" He chuckled. "How else? I'm a vampire!" I was stunned to hear such a comment. "You look as if you've seen a ghost! Are you ok?" I wanted to say yes but instead I rolled onto floor gripping my arm in tremendous pain! I never realized how much pain I'd be put through if I became a werewolf.
    "Ugh..." I finally managed to groan out in relief. "That looked painful." consoled Edward. "It was, but in a good way. It reminds of what I have become."
    "What have you become?"

    "I've become a werewolf. The creature that I've always wanted to be."
    "Yes," I said proudly. "Why would you ask such a stupid question?" I barked!
    "I was just curious." he said after flinching as if I'd just cracked a whip.
    "Sorry I snapped. I just feel ...different, but that's no excuse to talk to someone like that after they've helped me."
    "I gotta go!" he said eagerly. He flew out of my open window before I even had time to blink!

    "Glad my window was open." I said with a chuckle. Then I realized I was extremely hungry! So I got dressed and grabbed a bowl of cereal. Your never hungry until you've felt how hungry I was. After eating several bowls of cereal, I brushed my teeth and went over to my friend Seth's house.
    Halfway there I had some thoughts. é Should I tell Seth what I've done, what I am, what I've become!?é I was going to tell him about my obsession anyway so why not? What would Steve think? What would he do? Impulses won in the end. I decided I'd tell no matter what the cost!
    When I arrived at Seth's door, I was positive that I'd tell him. I rang the doorbell, Seth answered. "Hey Taylor." said Seth cheerfully. "Hey Seth." I replied. "Is anyone else home?" "No." he replied suspiciously. "Why do you ask?" "I need to tell you something very important, and you have to swear that you will tell no one! Okay?" "Okay." Well here goes. "I'm a werewolf!" I said in a shaky voice. "Hahaagh! Are you serious?" I just stared at him with a poker face that would make anyone dumb founded."Oh you are! Cool! I have a werewolf for a friend!" he boasted. "Your taking this rather well." "Well of course! I did eventually read that note Steve intercepted." "Oh!" I said with a shock. "I never knew that." Our conversation eventually dwindled away from werewolves. "Seth?" I asked curiously. "Yes?" he replied. "If I talk to St-" I paused. "What?" he asked eagerly awaiting what I was about to say. "I never told you this, but Steve is the leader in the pack that...I'm in. Steve is also a werewolf!" I said hesitantly. "Well...ugh...ok. What were you going to say before?" I was so stunned that he wasn't freaking out right now. "If you want to see a real werewolf I could talk to Steve and see if you can watch tonight." I glanced at the clock to find that I'd been here for a couple hours. "I'd get to see you turn!? Sure I'd like that." "Your not scared?" I asked surprised by what he had said.

    "No." he said sternly. With that said, I left out the door to the forest where I'd meet Steve to ask him if Seth may come as my guest, and not as a mortal.
    Part of me wanted Seth to be a werewolf as well. I just wasn't sure if that's what he wanted. When I arrived at a clearing in the woods, Steve was sitting on a nearby rock. As I sat down next to him he said "Yes Taylor?"
    "Hey Steve!" I said cheerfully. "Umm... Dang! I'm not sure how to say this so I'll just say it. Would it be alright with you if Seth came with me tonight?" "Of course! On one condition though. I want you to convince Seth to let you turn hm into a werewolf as I did to you." I knew he'd say that, but me! I can't believe that I'll be the one turning the friend I've known since Pre-K into a werewolf! "Deal!" I said reluctantly. "Excellent" replied Steve after giving me his signature smile that he'd given me when he'd first read the note I tried giving to Seth.
    After all was said and done, I left as silently as I had come. I took a walk for a couple minutes father in the woods to clear my head. Thoughts were buzzing about my head like locusts. How on Earth am I going to convince Seth to let me do this!? I decided that I just had to ask.
    I arrived at Seth's about a half hour later. I knocked, Seth answered. "Hey, Taylor!" said Seth gleefully. "Seth I convinced Steve to let me take you tonight, but on one condition. He wants you to consider being a werewolf with us!" Seth looked Both happy, and surprised. "I-I'd be happy to! Why though is my question!" I gave him the most logical reply. "He probably doesn't want a human knowing our secret." "After tomorrow night I won't be human!" "Wow!" I said shockingly. "Are you sure?" "Yes...I am." he replied. é Reminds me of when Steve was talking to me. I sound like Steve, and Seth being in my position. "Ok then. We'll leave when it starts to get dark. Steve will be pleased to know your answer. Unless..." I said secretively. "Unless what!?" demanded Seth. "Unless you wish to be one tonight?" "Sure! Why not? The sooner the better." "Ok then. Tonight it is."

    We left about 7:30 PM. We walked to the woods in silence. Upon arrival, everyone was looking at Seth. Some of them whispering to the others. I walked up to Steve. He was sitting on the same rock he was earlier when I spoke to him. For a second I thought he never moved! I whispered Seth's answer into Steve's ear. I even told him that Seth wanted it tonight. When I looked at Steve he was smiling to himself. "Splendid! Taylor, you know your part correct?" asked Steve. "Yes I replied. Seth and I walked over to one of the logs, knocked down by who knows what, and sat down. Seth asked "What did Steve mean by 'your part'?" I just gave him the answer he wanted. "I'm the one who's going to turn you into a werewolf." He looked sort of smiling and frowning. "So we'll be pack mates?" he asked." I gave him a smile. "Yes in about five minutes." "To think this year was so content and calm, but now this! So werewolves and vampires exist? For all I know anyone could be a werewolf or vampire in disguise." "Yep. Sort of like a wolf in sheep's skin." Three minutes later I stood up and told Seth, "It's time." he still sat instead of standing. My teeth began to tingle, almost as if they were vibrating. I started trembling. I allowed the change to come instead of fighting the immense pain I was trying my best to endure. My knees buckled and I fell to the floor. I could feel my bones change into that of a wolf's. My fur was solid black. So black that Seth asked "Where'd you go?" I growled to let him know I was still there.

    I looked at Seth and he nodded. I lunged at him at full force. He fell to the ground. I walked over to his left side, and bit his forearm. He yelled a very pain filled scream. I smelled something coming. I turned around to see Edward. I walked away. Edward would take care of Seth, just as he did for me. I ran off to join the others for the rest of the night. Around 6 in the morning, I was already showered, dressed, I ate, and had walked over to Seth's to see how he was doing.

    When I knocked on Seth's door, he opened it without saying anything and just let me inside."Whats the matter Seth? You seem really depressed." I said consolingly. "My arm hurts, nothing big. Edward! You can come downstairs if you want.!" He shouted. Edward, still pale as ever, came down quietly with a very graceful dance-like walk. He didn't even make a sound.
    "Hello again Taylor." said Edward calmly. "Likewise." I replied. We talked about other things to make Seth feel more comfortable. é I've never seen him like this. I wonder what is wrong. He looks really depressed! "Seth," I asked "Yes?" he replied. "May I speak to you alone for a moment?" "Sure." We walked into Seth's room while Edward sat downstairs, quietly watching the news. He seemed interested in it. The shooting thhat happened at Westroads Mall has been on the news for three days now. A man committed suicide after killing eight others and critically injuring several others.
    "Seth!" I shouted at him after closing the door. "Whats wrong? I know that look. We've been friends a long time. I know when your depressed. Tell me whats wrong." "Taylor, how am I going to tell my parents?! They don't exactly believe in all this." Damn! I forgot about my parents!