• Kale's mind went wild, adrenaline pulsed through his muscles with every heartbeat, his mind replaying the death over and over. A crack sounded from under his bare foot, in two bounds he was on the next rooftop. He stopped to make sure Joran made it across, turning just in time to see her step on the crack. The plank gave way taking Joran with it, followed by a shrill scream.

    Kale slowly approached the side of the building, tears falling from his eyes. Seven guards surrounded her, pained sobs echoing off the alley walls. An important looking man walked through the wall of guards, he studied the situation then looked up to see Kale's face hanging over the roof of the building. “Kill her, she's with the assassin. If you get a hold of the boy, kill him too, no mercy for assassins.” He gave the orders calmly, just as if he was chatting with a friend.

    “Kale! Help me Kale!” Joran's shrieking echoed in his ears louder and louder, as if someone were pounding on his eardrums as hard as they could. He studied the side of the building, looking for any way down short of death.

    “There's nothing you can do, she is in their custody.” Kale snuffed, wiping away tears as he turned to stare up at the black figure, the voice was from a woman.

    “This is your fault! My sister wouldn't be down there if it wasn't for you!” Kale lashed out, his fists pounding on the woman's torso with all of his strength. Suddenly Joran's voice stopped in mid-sentence, and the heavy pounding of several armored feet led the group away in a hurry. Kale rushed to the edge seeing only a pool of blood and a small lifeless body.

    “Jech fait sah.” Her voice sounded conversational. Kale turned from his sisters gored body to see another black figure standing beside the first, the second was much taller. They both turned to stare at Kale with a threatening gaze.

    Kale realized that several guards were now on the rooftops, some had bows, other's were drawing the longsword that each guard carried. Both figures were speaking in hushed voices; seemingly at ease, casting uninterested glares at Kale. They finally snapped back to the present, moving so mechanically they seemed to not be human.

    Small flashes danced away from their fingertips, smoothly stepping in unison. Kale watched in amazement, several guards fell motionless, but for every one there were two more climbing up to take their place. Both figures suddenly raised one hand, then clouds of smoke rose from their feet, in the midst of the chaos Kale felt a great pressure on his neck, and finally black filled his sight.