• Looking At You

    Years, has it not been,
    Since I have admired you?
    All you have been, is a desire,
    And dreams, is only where you and I are one.

    From dawn break, you are who I think of.
    Whilst I view you from afar,
    I marvel at the sensation you brought about.
    The rainbows, the smiles,
    A sight for the eyes, it was.

    If a trance, you were,
    Not to wake up, is what I desire.
    Since, this is reality,
    Face it, is what I must do.

    I was falling, once upon a time,
    Now, I am but falling apart
    Another, is whom you belong,
    But, happy, do I see you,
    Hence, I feel the happiness you feel,
    And I shall have to let go.

    To love you in secrecy is what I chose.
    For in secrecy, nobody owns you, but me.