• Chapter 1:A memory.

    The man leaned over his wifes body.He felt his Head spin.He couldn't believe that it was about only 3 hours ago she had been alive and perky,as she always was.He felt as if his life no longer had meaning.......He wished more than anything to switch places with his wife.He would do anything for her to just open her eyes.
    She had to live.Nothing was more important.Nothing.
    He desperately tried to keep the thought that she might never wake up from his mind.Instead he tried to remember the day they had met.That wonderful summer day when he was 16.

    He was taking a walk around the pond he had lived next to his whole life. He remembered that day as if it had been yesterday.Confused, upset, and more than anything, Tired of his parents fights. He soon heard crying, Coming from the woods that he knew so well.He entered, Half hoping to find distraction,half out of curiosity.
    He walked into what seemed to be a little room in between two trees.

    There was a girl of about 14-15 dressed in all black with brown hair.She was sobbing so hard that she did not notice the young man come in. He did not want to bother the girl, so he slowly crept behind a tree. He had hidden from his parents many times before so he was an expert at climbing trees.When he reached a low branch he sat on it and wonder who the girl was. She looked strangely familiar...
    Or at least what he could see of her.

    He decided to wait till she looked up so he could see her face.But the girl just sat
    there...sobbing......and sobbing....and sobbing....When he finally lost his patience
    he started to look for a branch so he could get down.When he found one he looked back at the girl(still sobbing but now a little quieter)and said"You would think you would have run out of tears by now."
    The girl quickly looked up and saw him"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"She yelled.