• Chapter 1-Nightmares

    The ground beneath me was freezing....where was i? I sat up and looked at my surroundings, trying to at least have a clue of where i was. All I saw was snow, white little cotton balls of white fluff falling from the cloudy Grey sky. The only thing visible was a tree, dead and a dull lifeless brown. I stood up, all i wore was a pink tank top and a pair of large Grey sweat pants.I could now make out a figure leaning against the tree. The figure looked up at me, it then walked slowly, not rushing one bit, over to me. I just stood there frozen, not knowing whether it was because of me being cold or scared. He stopped in front of me, about 3 feet away. He had white hair and pale blue eyes, his skin was a chalky white. He had on a almost skin tight black shirt and skinny jeans. His hair fell over his eyes as he looked at the ground, then he smiled a crooked smile, and looked at me through his hair.....a bit seductively.
    "Valisity..." He said my name with a seductive velvet voice.
    My breathing started getting heavy.
    "Your hurt..." He said eying me face, out of the corner of my eye i could see a trail of crimson."...here let me clean it up."
    He came so close to me that i could feel his body heat on my cold skin. He leaned into my face and licked the blood from my chin to the cut above my eyebrow. He brushed my hair of my neck and smiled.
    "Let me here you scream." He said and he bit my neck.
    I closed my eyes and then opened them ready to scream but i was in my dark room, the only light was the shining light of the moon through my window.
    I collapsed back on my bed and curled into a ball. These dreams were scaring me. I had been having dreams like this, that kept occurring every night, that were all about the same thing, same scenery, same everything, but were always different. There was always something off that wasn't in the last dream.
    I let a few tears escape then closed my eyes, trying to calm myself. Only dreams, they are only dreams i told myself, but somehow i wasn't that convincing. It is really sad when you cant even convince yourself that something is true or not true.
    I stood up and walked over to my window, it was medium size. I pressed my hand to the hard cold glass. The rain that was falling on the earth was becoming hail. Great, its gonna snow. I grasped my arms am rubbed them, its freezing! I took a deep breathe and and exhaled, a cloudy white steam was where my invisible breathe should be. OMG! Does my dad know how to use a heater?!
    I put my hand over my eyes. I wished that i could just wake up from this life, it seemed so....unreal. My dad was in such a depression, he thought he wasnt sad anymore, its scary.