• ...The Sound Of The Wind, it felt Like Pixies Across My Face, Blowing My Hair In The Wind.
    The Sound Of The Stream.
    My Evil Smile.
    It Didn't make any sense.
    Their They Were.
    My Loved Ones.
    My Mother, My Two Sisters, And My Brother.
    The Ones I Cared Deeply About.
    I Looked Into The Stream, That Separated Myself From My Dear Family.
    I Was Smiling.
    My Eyes, Not There Normal Blue, But Pure White.
    No Color.
    No Pupils.
    'Attack' I Whispered Slowly.
    A Deep Howl From About Two Miles Away Sounded.
    I Laughed.
    They Were Going To Die.
    My Family, Loved Ones, And I Was Laughing.
    WAIT I Wanted To Yell, But Couldn't.
    Just Smile.
    I Could Now Hear The Pounding Foot Steps Of A Wolf.
    The One I Had Called.
    The One That Would Hurt Them, My Family.
    The Wolf Was Dark Brown, And It Shimmered As He Leaped Toward My Family.

    Then I Woke Up,
    From The Same Dream.