• koda stared out at the forest from the stone stepp watching birds take flight and fly away. without thinking he touched his back where his wings used to be. his brown hair swayed with the wind and his jade green eyes were tinted honey with the sunlight.He sighed and stood the green package still on his back and the ring hanging from the string. he took the packag off of his back and unwrapped it to reveal an intricately designed greatsword. he stared down at it and it glew with a phospherous light. he held it up in front of him the blade aiming at the sky and said"it seems you made the journey well Heavens Deception. The blade glowed slightly brighter as if it knew it was being acknowledged. he remembered the battle that changed it fate and lost him his brother.

    crimson stood at the edge of the barren lands small wind tornadoes stirred the dust. he walked a mile away from the forest and drew his greatsword. he looked at it and threw it down. he unstrapped the sheath that held it and threw it beside the blade. he took off his overcoat and let it fly with the wind revealing his scars. crimson looked toward the heavens and spread his wings but didnt take flight. a beam of light shot down from between the clouds and encircled him. he heard a strange voice come from the light
    Crimson sky you have proven yourself worthy through your many years on this planet. So for your suffering i give you the chance to revoke your curse you will have less than a fraction of your current power but you will no longer suffer. Crimson opened his eyes and agreed. the light faded and this scar on his back began to dissapate. A strange black liquid began to ooze out of his scars and excrutiating pain overtook him.He dropped to his knees as the liquid slowly oozed out of him and screamed his pain to the heavans.
    After moments of this the final drop escaped his scar and sweat dripped from him. the liquid began to move foreward of its own accord and when it was twenty feet away it began to take shape. It had been what crimson had feared for two mellinia. It was bloodfang god of death and destruction.
    Bloodfang laughed mirthlessly and said"So Crimson youv decided to release me have you." He laughed again and said"so what now are you going to kill me to get back at me for all of those years i tortured you". Crimson smiled slightly and stood staring at bloodfang and said"all you did was make me stronger." Just then the voice returned and addressed them both only one can live while the other must die i give you two blades of ultimate power to level your playing feilds now is the time to show your worth crimson use this power wisely. As the light faded once more two greatswords dropped from the heavens at their sides one glowing a blood red and the other glowing a bright white. Crimson knew their names before the voice spoke them"Heavens Deception and Hells Mercy"
    Crimson drew Heaven from the ground and looked at it marvelling its beauty and then at bloodfang saying"shall we begin" Bloodfang laughed and lunged at him with the force of a mountain being dropped. With that the battle began. crimson dodged slashed and parried bloodfangs blows as he attacked. Crimson quickly struck back with equal ferocity and force. The battle raged on for three days both of them were wounded dearly and weak. bloodfang was on one knee panting with Hells tip deep in the earth and bracing himself on it as blood dripped from his arm and gut. Crimson was likewise but had one eye closed and his leg was cut.
    Bloodfang stood and got at the ready and Crimson did the same. Out of nowhere something strange happened. Bloodfang began to glow brighter and brighter and his wounds began to heal as the aura from Hells Mercy began to fade. Crimson stared in awe as he watched his oldest foe grow steady stronger before his eyes. when his wonds were healed bloodfang laughed and said"now now Crimson you didnt think this would be easy" he began walking toward him an evil look in his eye.
    Crimson smiled and stood saying"you know deep down i did" Bloodfang merely laughed and launched another attack that sent crimson flying accross the baren lands.
    As crimson hit a boulder heavens mercy fell out of his hands and he slowly slid to the ground gasping and wincing in pain. he had a fresh cut going from his left shoulder to his right hip. Bloodfang laughed cruelly and began to walk toward his foe. crimson opened his eyes and his brother stood before him smiling and said"you know you were never really good at beating yourself" he laughed and picked up heavens deception looking at bloodfand and yelled out with an echo" you may be able to defeat him"he pointed at crimson" but youl have a hard time with me" as he finished his sentence he threw off his overcoat and revealed a muscular body. he looked back at crimson and said" you know this is the end right" crimson knodded slowly still dizzy from pain. cobalt laughed and looked at bloodfang. when he smiled this time he revealed a two rows of razor sharp teeth and said" lets do this" with that he went into his full demon form and the battle ensuid. As their blades clashed an explosion of power was sent forth leaving craters in the earth. After six hours of this they both stood far apart panting. Cobalt knew the battle would go on for eternity if he didnt stop him now. He called out to bloodfang"this is where it ends" and held heavens deception behind him focusing every bit of his power in it. bloodfang laughed and said"maybe for you" and charged him. Cobalt leapt forth and clashed blades with bloodfang. as their blades touched all went still for a moment. Dust and leaves were caught in the air birds ceased flight and water stopped flowing. then the world began again and an explosion that rocked its very foundation came forth and crimson was blasted far away to the other side of the baren lands and knocked unconcious. For three days he slept and let his wounds heal and on the third night he awoke. At first he didnt know where he was then in a flood of memeories it all came back. he cried out his brothers name now lost to him and began to weep for his loss.After many hours of shedding tears for his brother he looked around and saw a blade lying close by him. He lifted it up and realized that it was heavens deception. he looked for hells mercy but couldnt find it. he sighed and thought of every possibility for the blade. He stood and brushed himself off while cringing from pain. He looked toward the sky and saw a single black feather floating toward him he caught it midflight and it desintigrated in his hand. he smiled and began to laugh.

    As he remembered that terrible day a single tear rolled down his cheek and he smiled resheathing the blade.