• A girl named Jullia loves a guy name Jose Marufo. They're both in Middle School, Jullia is always embarassed to ask him out, but Jose never noticed Jullia being shy. One day, Jullia was walking by her cousin Chung while Chung was walking by Jose. Chung and Jose talked and Jullia unzipped Chung's backpack and Jose had reflex and quickly looked at his but nothing happenedto his. A guy was following Jullia. He looked old maybe around 32, he turned while Jullia kept looking at him. The next thing you know, Chung shouted "Raza, Jullia likes you", and Jullia got embarassed and starting hittin Chung and yelled at him, then the mysterious man came to Jullia, grabbed her arm and died. It was The Reaper! Jose M. gently carried on his lap and making sure Jullia was ok, but she wasn't. Chung inspired Jose M. to kiss Jullia so she can be reborn, but then he got embarassed. The Reaper laughed and said "It can only be revived by her true love", which was Jose M. and Jose kissed her lips-lips and Jullia revived and The Reaper was gone by then.