• Well this will finally end it.
    Roxita quietly reminded herself of this in her head, as she walked nervously down the winding corridor and through a whirlpool of contemplation.
    The walls were covered in an assortment of different shaped mirrors and crystals, which illuminated the hallway in light. The only darkness in the entire room was the deep purple coloured walls, which were occasionally visible between mirrors, or places where there were small breaks for an occasional portrait or centrepiece.
    The heavy scent of incense wafted through the air in overbearing amounts, making it hard to smell anything but lavender and almost choking any guests whom came. The smell was bothering her greatly, almost fuming up her nose and blocking her head, which made her wounder how Zakura was holding up with it. Being a wolf demon gave him an extra sensitive nose that came in handy usually but in this case was definitely a minus.

    She glanced backwards in his direction trying to suss out how he was feeling, but reading his facial expressions was extremely hard, even at the best of times.
    He was walking slowly behind her, his hands casually tucked in his jeans pocket’s the way he always did. His expression was a mix of childish anger and an arrogant smirk. This stubborn demon rarely admitted defeat, yet she had still managed to drag him along unwillingly. His black hair was the same way he always wore it, the same strand of fringe hanging lazily near his deep blue eyes and swinging from side to side with every step he took. She giggled quietly at how much she actually knew about him, attracting his attention and causing him to affix his gaze towards her.

    “What’s so funny?” He said raising an eyebrow inquisitively and turning his head to the side, his reaction much resembling a cat.
    “Oro?” She replied quite cluelessly, forgetting that however well his sense of scent was, it couldn’t even compare to his hearing.
    “I said what’s so funny?” he repeated, his gaze deepening. He never understood how she did that, just spaced out mid conversation, and then flew back to reality a few seconds later.
    “Oh, nothing…”She replied quite unconvincingly. She swore the ways in which he looked at her would one day burn holes into her head, or her soul for that matter, why does he do that anyway?
    “This is stupid, why are we here again?!” He questioned, before pausing to sneeze, trying to cover the fact that the lingering incense was making him feel nauseous.
    Roxita continued to walk, turning her head backwards to face him.
    “To me this is important and we still need to know if he is alive or not. Besides it will be fun, I’ve never done anything like this before.” She commented somewhat enthusiastically.
    “As if you believe in this crap?!” He replied smugly, rolling his eyes and removing his hands from his pockets, placing them neatly behind his head. He just never could understand her nature; too trusting for her own good, which he knew would one day, blow up in her face.
    She quickened her pace, which was a dead sign of her agitation to him as she turned her head in an arrogant gesture.
    “Hmph, why do you have to be such a pessimist Zakura?”
    Ok great, I know she is really ticked when she starts pulling out big words like pessimist, but in short she is just saying she hates me for that last comment. He breathed deep and let out a sigh, knowing no matter what he said now she would just turn around and snap, therefore he found it was alot smarter to keep his mouth tightly shut and continue walking. For a human she could sure give him a run for his money, which mostly provided him with amusement that someone as delicate as her had… He didn’t really know how to explain it… well, she had spunk.

    “Dog Boy,” She commented back evilly, a smirk of bitchy satisfaction spreading across her face and re-opening the argument with new flames. He growled gritting his teeth and pulling his ears back, refraining from hitting her and satisfying her lust for revenge.
    “May I remind you who dragged me here?!” He hissed back in a dangerously ominous tone, causing her to giggle. She knew from his tone that he was deadly serious but couldn’t help admiring the fact that whenever he got angry, his deep blue orbs almost sparkled… Well; it looked kind of cute. She always had a soft spot for guys with blue eyes, though she kicked herself for thinking that about him, knowing that her giggling was probably going to add fuel to his anger.
    “Come on; quit being such a spoil sport. It won’t work if you keep acting like this.”

    Her laugh echoed down the jewelled hallway as she grabbed her companion’s hand and surged forwards. A blushing Zakura struggled to keep up in more ways than one, his brain still processing what caused this turn of events as he stumbled clumsily upon his own feet. He hated it when this happened; usually the young male was quite sharp but being in direct contact with her made everything blurry and dramatically slurred his thoughts, and mouth.
    “H…Hey!” The young adolescents face blushing an even deeper red as he retrieved his hand from her grasp and stopped walking. “I can walk on my own you know?!”
    Face still turned from her view, he silently swore and wiped his face, trying to rid some of the heat from his cheeks and reclaim his bearings.

    “You ok Zakura? You look kind of flushed…” Roxita said sympathetically, stopping and turning, focusing her worried brown eyes on his face. “Is it the incense?”
    She moved her hand upwards towards her taller companions face, brushing his fringe carefully to the side and placing a hand delicately on his forehead.
    “WH…What?!” He exclaimed, face still red as he pushed her hand away and swore at himself again, “No! I’m just ticked because I don’t like being dragged around like one of your damn dolls!”
    “Well just keep walking then… Baka!” She teased, laughing at her insult and quickening her pace.
    He sighed, hiding a grin as his muscles loosened, and then quickening his pace to follow the short brunette’s long hair.