• There are people all around me. People I've seen before, but also, people others but I can't see... They haunt me, ever waking minute. Maaaaliiissssaaaa... Looook aaat meee. They would sing in my ear, only I could hear it, and it frustrated me. I've been sent to dozens of the best psychiatrists, I know for a fact I don not need, them, for they will never leave me alone. There have been priests blessing me every day. "This is to ward of satin," they would explain to me. I know what's wrong, but I fear if I tell what I know, I will be put under science studies. If that were to occur, I will surely kill myself.
    My eyes flickers open to the sound of my name in the wind. Maaaaliiissssaaaa... It was a female's voice and it sent chills down my spine.
    She's here. I thought to myself disappointed. Too soon. I was now sitting up in my bed, eyes closed, ready for what was to come. The window shoot open forcefully, and ended with a loud crash of glass, and a soft sound of the little slivers landing on the wooden floor. A pale ghostly-- well it was a ghost-- flew through the ajar (well...okay...ajar) Window and was now hovering over me in my bed. The ice cold wind stung my flesh and blew my hair fiercely behind me. The only sound I could hear now was the sound of the whistling strong wind rushing in my ears.
    you have no idea why we have chosen you, oh well, time will tell you. The pale disembodied figure said softer, than the rushing wind, but clear, slowly drawing out they syllables.
    when, I managed chocked out holding back the tears and sobs. It didn't last for long, tears were forming at the corner of my eyes.
    Take my hand, she said in a voice that seamed to bounce off the walls and drown the room. She extended a ghostly hand. As stupid as I was, I reached for it. Surprisingly, it felt as sold as human flesh, but oh-so cold. My hand twitched and tried to draw my hand back, but t he female ghosts grip on my hand tightened. I didn't try struggle, and stood in my bed. My nightgown was wrinkled at my wait, and with my free hand I straightened it out so it flowed down to my knees.
    I knew what was going to happen, I've been warned over that past few weeks. If I hadn't been fearless of that dark cave, I could be asleep and dreaming happy thoughts. The moment I walked into hat dimly lilt cave, the voice started. Ever since, the voices got so clear, I started to see the source of the sounds; the ghosts.
    Do not cry child, for the pain will be much worse... The Spirit spoke in a soft, almost comforting, voice. I bowed my head, so my dark redish-brown hair was hiding my face. Slowly I felt the life draining from my body, like the feeling you get when your foot falls asleep, but throughout my body. My life was flowing to my fingertips into the ghost fleshless body. I was a Leben Geber, literally meaning living doner; life giver. I was dieing for a ghost who was sent to me trade roles. I was the next Retter der den Seelen, meaning I was to be the one to watch over my charges souls; Savior of the souls, and save them from any dager they may face.
    I felt light now, like a feather. My eyes were still closed and suddenly, pain struck my lungs. I wasn't breathing. God, it hurts so bad! Make it stop. The pain faded as fast as it came. I cleared my head and opend my eyes. It was like trying to lift heavy weights just to move my muscles. My room seemed more faded; unclear. Then I caught sight of the gorgeous Spirit. Just then, I realized, the spirit looked exactly like me, I never noticed that. She wasn't a spirit anymore, but a human.
    She must have been ten years older, because, she was more developed in the chest area, and her hair reached down to her ankles. She was also a good five inches taller. Yet, at the same time we looked so alike.
    "Bless you Malissa." she spoke. She even sounded like me, I could never tell because he voice would ring like a bell when she spoke as a spirit.
    "W-What?" Confusion suddenly swept over me. "your... Me..."
    "Yes dear child, I am you as an adult." She sounded almost like my older sister Summer. Summer... I would never be able to communicate with her again. "I died too young," the girl explained in a soft tone. "I was sent to you from the time warp at heavens gate." She was now sitting on my-- I mean our bed, staring at me. "I was sent to this time period, because this is arounf the time you are to discover your powers as a witch, you fully develop them. I already lived this time, and had already gotten my powers. Now I get to keep my poweres, and develp yours since i have a soul, and I shell never die, for i am no the most powerful." She closed her eyes and sat ever-so still.
    My mind started to wander. Vivid images rushed in my mind, things I've never seen, but in a way I lived them. Laughter of people, bloody murder screams, secrets untold, things that weren't meant to be seen by others, all now crammed in my mind. It was me who lived the memories, these were memories all after today, thing I will never see with my own eyes. Things I could only dream about happening.
    Adult me opened her eyes and smiled up at me. "You shall be weak, but great power lies ahead of you" I had no idea what she ment by that, "great stong powers." she finished, and those were that last words I heard from her. Suddenly all color faded to pitch black, and all sound was drowned by silence. The silhouette of a man appeared, then everything black regained color.
    Where am I? I wasn't in my room anymore, but a meadow of lush green grass, surrounded by tall beautiful oak trees. I was standing in the middle of it. The man, now visible with color, was a pale white boy, wearing formal ball cloths. He extended his arm and bowed. "May I ask for a dance?" I was so confused. What the ******** is going on?! My head was spinning from confusion.
    He was an extremely hansom boy, not much older than I. I'd say he was in his late teens. Still wearing my night gown, I curtsied. Wait! I'm in flash, blood is flowing under it. I'm alive? How? I showed no physical evidence that I was speaking to my self. I stood staring at the bowed boy, I decided to take the hand gently. I've seen you before, I shook in my head to myself squinting my eyes a little at the boy.
    I know. The voice was the gentle voice of the boy. I brought you here. We were now dancing in the twilight, circling the meadow with a common dance step I've never learned, but somehow knew. I am the ghost you met in the cave. I am actually the Angle of death, and you are my bride, The Devil's, by faith.
    I closed my eyes in fear. When I reopened them, I was in a red silk gown and my arm was linked with the devils, the same gorgeous boy I saw in the meadow. Flame caught the once beautiful trees that surrounded the meadow. I was in Hell. Literally...