• A Speck of Red
    I was given a black rose for my birthday. Black, like the midnight sky—A rose, like the flower that sticks out the most in a bouquet.
    Usually, nobody gave me anything for my birthday—except for my parents. People were acting strange recently… like they were transformed into someone they were the exact opposite of. Nowadays, I saw the preppy energetic kids… well, I guess you could say drowsy, but that wasn’t the exact word. They were (seemed) just not caring anymore. Literally, I could smack them upside the head and they wouldn’t even notice I was there. They were strange before, and they were stranger now. Anyone who hated me just about a month ago, now wanted to be my best friend.
    “Who could’ve given me the flower?” I thought to myself aloud.
    “What a pretty rose you have there.” A boy named Pixie said at my astonishment. What a spunky name? Pixie! I would love to have a name like that, but I was stick with boring old Julie.
    “Thanks.” I said out of habit. Now I knew that he wasn’t the one who gave me the rose, because he hadn’t known anything about it until right this moment.
    “Who gave it to you.” He asked.
    “I am not sure.”
    “It’s beautiful anyway. Almost perfect, just like you.”
    “Yes, almost. There is this one misfortune however; there is a speck of red on it.”
    I examined the rose closely. Yes, I could definitely see that speck of red.
    “How am I imperfect though?” I asked him stupidly turning red at the thought of what I had said.
    “You and I haven’t changed at all this whole year. Since everyone else is changing, if we’re not, were imperfect.” He answered smartly.
    “Oh that’s true. Do you have any idea why they’re changing, or even why I have a speck of red on my almost perfect black rose?”
    “Hmm. I’m not sure. Maybe… vampires.” He said smiling widely… showing his fangs.