• I was more obsessed with this YouTube video then I was 7 hours ago. I kept on replaying the words in my mind, over and over again.
    * * *
    “Oh My Gosh, you know what would be so cool? If we went to a school and took down their flag in the middle of the day.” A teenager with dark hair said in the video.
    “Yeah, I know. That would be the ultimate prank. I mean, more then half of the kids in each school aren’t fully American. What do they care about America and its flag?” Another boy in the video said.
    “Totally true. I would give anyone 300$ if they did that.” A girl with pale looking hair said.
    “I dare anyone who is watching this video to do it.” The dark haired boy said.
    “A dares a dare. You guys have to do it.” They all said together.
    * * *
    How stupid the video sounded. It wasn’t even convincing. Although, the more and more I watched it, the more and more convincing it became. Their facial expressions were hilarious-- though, they sounded completely serious. “What do they care about America and its flag?” I replayed those words over and over again in my mind. It was true. What did I care about America? I wasn’t born here, neither were my parents, nor did I like it here.

    ~ You know what Simon says. He tells you what to do. What if he told you to take off all your clothes, and, dance, in your birthday suit? ~

    I tried to close the video, but I couldn’t. My hands were tempted not to. I scrolled down to look at the views. 18,024,008! 18,024,008 viewers were hypnotized just like me.
    I looked down at the comments.

    BarbieGirl4life: Oh My Gosh. This is so the latest craze. Everyone in the world is talking about. You guys are so awesome!
    HelloThere: I know a whole bunch of people who saw your video and are going to do it on an Elementary school. You guys are awesome.
    Roses+Butterflies: I am so going to that. You guys are so influential!

    ~ Sure it’s the latest craze. We all get influenced. The little secrets they don’t want you to know. ~

    I finally got over the video and turned on the TV. Oh, the news was coming and on. Oh No. It was that video. They were playing the video on national television. I flicked the switch and went to bed.
    If this was on TV, then they must want everyone in the world to do it. It was that obvious. But, why should we do it?

    ~ It’s when you watch TV. In everything you see. The virus seeping though. And you start to want. What, they, tell, you should want. ~