• My name is Marishka. I'm not your average 17 year-old high school student. For you see, I am a creature of the night. A daughter of the moon. All I want is to run in the night. To be free of this pink flesh and adopt my natural state.

    Classes are a torture to me. After what seems like days, I am released from my educaltional prison. My feet soon carry me home. Without fully realizing it, I am now sitting at my desk doing my English homework. We were assigned to write a story in the point of view of an object or creature. Do I dare write about what I am? My hand scrawls across the paper the title To Be A Lycan. I think I will be satisfied with the outcome after I finish. I look all around my room. All of it is a stage. School and even this that I call home, is a stage. A stage onm which I play a very important role. The role of survival.

    Downstairs I hear mother and father rummaging around. It is now night, i can feel it in the air. i've been working longer than i thought. Father has come up to tell me that the moon is full and bright. He says the whole pack plans to be out tonight. All of us out at once, this will be bad.

    The lady moon, casting her silver rays on my face calms me yet excites. She pulls at me telling me to let my cares go and change. It's time. I carefully remove my clothes not wanting to ruin yet another outfit to my egar claws. Then i let myself go. I can fell the all to familar cracks and creaks as the bones in my body reconfigure. I fall to my knees. Not in pain, but in assistance to the change. My nails grow and my jaw lengthens. Sharp, deadly fangs replace the useless brittle teeth of a human. My skull breaks and new, stronger bone fills in while shaping it to fit my normal features. I can hear the moon's sweet voice whispering my name in encouragement. My ribs snap and try to pierce through this flesh then continue to grow into my real shape. I tear away my diguise in strips of fleash and blood. My black sleek fur now glows from the moonlight that shines through my window. You can still see smears of blood on my back coat. It feels so good to release my true self from my human skin tomb. I jump out the window to run with the night and hunt rabbits. I jump and howl with joy. the night rushes by me with deadly speed. The moon with all her glory guides me. I control the night and darkness now.

    soon i meet two male pack members Derrick and Quincy. they invite me to hunt with them. They kill too close to human watched ground. they risk being spotted. Mother wishes me to take one of them as my mate. I know them too well, so I decline to hunt with them. I must tell mother that not one of them is woth the trouble to stay with for life. i run away from them. Then a wonderful scent crosses my path. I follow it to a river.

    Across the river is a handsome boy from school who's decided to do some late night fishing. there's a hunger in all of my kind, for human flesh and a taste for human blood. i want to kill and dine off of him. The urge is too strong. Sometimes, it can get so strong that it takes over one's senses. It gives the brain one command.......kill. I inch towards him, using the riverweeds as my cover. So unsuspecting he is. i stop myself realizing how i could endanger the whole pack. How just one dead boy could get all of us killed. just like our ancestors. They fed on humans all their lives. Until the humans grew wise and started to kill us off. After a couple decades of running and hiding we chose not to risk killing them anymore. Now centuries after, they've long forgotten the realness of us. thinking we are mythological and using our image in their horror movies, labeling us as fiction. Could i risk getting us killed again? Just for a tasty morsel? No ,i could never. So i run away hoping to catch a rabbit before i change my mind.

    After killing my fill of rabbits, i return home. It's almost dawn now. I regretfully change back into my disguise. This night has been a long one. i don a nightie and lay down. How many more nights will i have like this one, with the temptation of a delicious boy? Sleep starts to overtake me as i hear the television on. The news reporter saying that three people have been found mutilated. Eyewitnesses sat two freakishly large wild dogs did it. I close my eyes tighter, the pentagram burning its image in my mind.