• The air was calm as Inferno scoped out his opponent. The tournament stands were full but as for the ring, only him and his rival Crane stood.
    Inferno was the first to move. A series of punches formed combos as Crane defended. Not to be taken lightly Crane blocked one of the follow up hits from Inferno, and hit him in the face. He tried to drop back but his rival persued. Crane threw punch after punch landing each one precisely as if Inferno was helpless to move. Finally he grabbed Cranes fist and retaliated with a punch to the gut that would have made even the strongest men cringe at the sight. Inferno followed up with an uppercut that landed Crane on his back. The announcer called the match and that was it.
    Inferno wasn't known for wearing his opponents down, he was known for putting his opponent down with just a few combos. He was bulky and fit. He had a figure that would bring even the strongest to think twice about fighting him. He had short brown hair, he was about five foot nine inches and was just over seventeen. He didn't have his parents because they died in a car accident, and he was an only child. Inferno was very poor. He hardly ever had any money, and when he did it was only about five or six dollars. Enough to eat from time to time but that was it.
    Crane on the other hand had alot of money. He was just an inch taller than Inferno. He had short brown hair with a look in his eyes that made him seem half crazy at times. Crane was sleak and scrawny but what he lacked in power he had made up for in speed.
    Inferno walked back into the front lobby where Crane followed shortly after. Day after day for about a year now Crane wanted to fight Inferno. He pushed all the right buttons but Inferno was smart and waited until the tournament. Now that he had beaten Crane Inferno figured he'd be left alone.
    "Inferno I demand a rematch!" Crane yelled through the lobby.
    "What makes you think that the results would differ from what they are now? Crane, if you want a rematch I suggest that you train a little more and maybe by that time you'll have a chance. As for now i'm not going to fight you."
    Inferno walked away as calm as before the tournament started. He knew that Crane would take his advice and train in order to beat him, but he would be ready and willing to put him down again.
    Inferno had been having chest pains lately. Somewhat like a mild heart attack and he had even passed out from it before. He lived in an old abandond appartment and noone knew he was there. As he walked into the appartment he dropped to his knees from his chest pain. This is ridiculouse, he thought. He cried out as everythingwent black and then he felt like he was asleep.
    Inferno woke up to a figure hovering just inches from his face. He sat up rapidly ready for a fight. He quickly became light headed, and now felt sick.
    "No need to be alarmed. I'm a friend. my name is Ryo."
    Inferno studied his surrounding carefully and realized he wasn't home. "Where are we?" He asked cautiously.
    "We're in a cave called worriors fire." Ryo replied. "After watching your fight I realized you're to weild the armor of Inferno fire."
    Inferno stood up out of curiosity and almost collapsed for a second time. Ryo reached to help but inferno only denied the offer with, "I'm alright." They began to silently follow the path that lead to another room. As they turned into the room on they're left Ryo muttered something that Inferno could not catch, and the cave door rose above to reveal a hidden entrence to another room. A pure red armor sat on a pedestool. The armor gleemed as Inferno looked at it with intrest.
    "Go ahead touch it. After all it is yours." Ryo explained. Inferno reached out and touched it. With a bright flash, the armor was gone and Inferno found himself back in his appartment right where he passed out. He was silent, because Inferno knew it wasn't a dream.