• Okay. I’m going to put this as simple as I can.
    My life stinks. My best friend, who was practically my sister, died. As did my father, who left all his money to my mother. And we are all leaving Gover Place to go to another estate in the country side. Of course, I was the one who suggested that we all go out and see the world while our mother still could. Her health was failing very fast, faster now than it was when father was alive. We are all worried about her. My eldest sister, Careoline, took hold of my mother’s hand and started petting it as soon as she started saying Father’s name again.
    All the sudden, the carriage halted to a stop. Jane, my youngest sister, looked at me, startled. The driver opened the door an announced that we were there. My brother got out first, then helped my mother out, followed by Jane, Careoline, then me at the end. We all stared, shocked at the huge house.
    “Wow. It’s amazing,” said Jane, apparently excited.
    “I agree,” said Careoline. “Don’t you Penny?”
    I looked at my mother, who was smiling at the house and said “I hope she likes it. Because if she does, then I do.”
    I looked at the doors. Soon, a family was arriving to stay at Lilac Park, and I was not only there to welcome them, but attended to their every needs. My mother was taking care of the mistress of the family, I was to tend for the middle child, Lawrence the elder, and John was to tend to the youngest. My sister, Mary, was the cook and chicken coop caretaker. I thought about the family.
    They are going to be like all the other rich people, I thought.
    “Now boys, the family will be arriving soon. They are the Ellewoods. The Mrs. Is a widow and the kin are unmarried. They have no family left except for themselves. Lawrence, you are assigned to Miss Jane Ellewood, Daniel, Miss Penelope Ellewood, and John, Miss Careoline Ellewood. You are to attend to their every need. Understand?” My mother said firmly.
    We all nodded and stood there waiting for the family perfectly. My mother, Mrs. Stacy, approved of our standing very quickly. Then, we heard voices coming from outside the door. We braced ourselves for what was about to come into our fate