• The coffin lid rose as a shirtless figure sat up clinging tightly to a stuffed care bear doll. Looking about as his eyes adjusted he spotted her.
    "How... What? Why are you here?" His voice filled with concern, but also fear. He stared at her while he climbed out of the coffin; a magazine falling to the floor
    “OH, I get it;" his voice coming to life with his natural laughter.
    "You want more. Well I'm not in a biting mood right now. I'm in the midst of moving, so I'm sorry but you'll have to come back." Dead sweat running down his back. Scarlet rolled her eyes and smiled at him, she had to admit that she found his overconfidence attractive... Considering he could actually back it up.
    “Relax I’m not here to kill you or fight or whatever. I just want to talk to you. At this point it is useless to fight one another because we both know neither of us can be killed. We need to settle on something, and I am willing to compromise greatly but you have to be willing to make an agreement.”

    He looked into her eyes, searching for truths. Her words were pure.
    "So," he said stashing the care bear behind his back.
    "What agreement are we speaking of? I have much to do as you can tell."
    He slowly scooted over to the coffin picking up his magazine. Throwing both in his coffin he turn back to her gaze, his face was red. She laughed at him and his care bear standing up straight now.
    “I know what you are planning to do and it's not right. Would you spare the humans if I were to give you my heart and soul? Completely;” she asked looking away and blushing not liking that she had to be so forward with giving herself to him forever. She felt stupid just knowing he'd probably laugh at her.
    “Why would any man with the power to take the world not do it; just for the heart of a silly girl.”
    “Well now;" the sinister smile creeping to his lips.
    "This puts me in awkward position." He put out both his hands, as if he had weights in them. His left went up while his right went down and vise versa.
    "The world or you?" His brain was clicking away. "You know I was going to destroy the world and everything in it... Aside from Britney Spears, I quite like her." He laughed to himself. "What to do?"

    She blushed and then frowned looking away. Turning away from him not too long after, and began to walk.
    “Forget it I don't even know what I was thinking. Do what you want. It was a stupid idea, but I hope you’re happy when there's no one there that you can feed on and talk to.”
    She shook her head as she walked on. Ghosting about like a wave of mist he blocked the archway that led to the stairs.
    "Lets not be so hasty;" as he walked towards her. He stood a foot away from her, looking into her sea green eyes.
    "You lead me down a road of hard decisions." Disgusted by his handy work, when he saw the bite marks on her neck. It had been necessary, but was still ugly to him.
    "If you were in my position,” his hand scratching his chest. I've made my choice, but I would like to know what you think first. Could you really love a person like me, being the creature I am?

    She stopped as he appeared in front of her, staring up at him and pondering on what to say for a moment before smiling sweetly.
    “You know, in a way I already am in love with you... And I am fond of you, to tell you the truth. Ever since that day...”
    She stopped, knowing she was sounding like any normal love stricken mortal and it was embarrassing to her. She couldn't imagine just what he thought of her change of feelings towards him, and the way she was putting it.
    "Then it is settled," he said smiling back at her.
    "For you I will leave the world behind." His face was turning red as he tried to turn his eyes away from her. He laughs to himself, kicking some of the rubble on the ground softly.
    "You know, I never thought you'd use this type of tact against me." Brushing his hand through his hair he didn't really know how to or what to say.
    "Forever, I am yours," he said reaching out and pulling her to him.
    Scarlet smiled brightly at him and blushed as he took her into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and placed her head on his shoulder closing her eyes.
    “I didn't think you'd feel the same;” she admitted shyly. The idea of her loving him was still confusing to her, but hell there they were and there they would be for eternity...
    The past now, didn't seem to matter as much to her. She bit her bottom lip and clung tightly against him.