• I sighed, sitting up from my bed. She already fell asleep.
    I don’t blame her, though. She had a long day.
    I laughed quietly. She looked so damn cute all curled up and sleeping.
    I’m glad they got to come.

    I slipped out of the bed, going downstairs.
    A light from the deck caught my attention. I figured he’d go have a smoke when everybody was asleep.

    I opened the sliding door as quietly as I could, walking out to where he was standing. He smiled at me, blowing out a white puff of smoke. I sat on the deck railing, smiling back.

    “Nice night.” I commented absently, looking up at the clear sky. I saw stars dotting the sky even though the light was shining in my eyes.

    A moment later, the light was blocked. I felt his sides against between my knees and looked down, finding him face to face with me.

    I blushed furiously. “H…Hi?”

    He just grinned. “Hi.”

    He leaned in, brushing his lips over mine, pausing briefly. I leaned in a little, wanting more. He put his hands on either side of my hips, his cigarette still burning in his left hand. I slipped my arms around his neck, drawing him closer, practically crushing my lips against his.

    Sweet bliss.

    After a couple minutes, we broke the kiss, staring into each other’s eyes.

    I smiled, looking dazed. “Night.” I said, getting off the railing.

    He moved out from in front of me, taking another drag from his cigarette.
    I glanced back before I entered the house, noting that his grin never faded.