• I walked silently. The garden specially for Anne was quiet and beautiful. Flowers such as roses and lilies were everywhere. I crept into the bushes. Anne was there speaking with Father.
    " Father? I have heard Catherine broke one of your precious stones." I heard Anne whisper. Father was closing his fists. Anne was happy but she did not show it. Her eyes fixed on the palace, and said. " Father, Catherine does not fit to rule this kingdom of yours. I am the youngest and I will speak. She has brought misery into this kingdom. She killed one of your favorite pets. She ate most of our food. I for one, cannot bear to think she is fit to rule all Europe!!!" Anne walked away. Father was furious. He too walked away but I knew he was furious with me and Anne. Anne was too rough with Father he will punish her for shouting at him but also he will punish me.
    " Catherine? Dear, do not cry. Your mother has a secret and I will tell you now." My governess said. I nodded but still wept. " Look, this is your mother's favorite doll and inside it has her diary and also her necklace." She handed me the doll. It was awfully big but beautiful.
    I will not leave yet. I still have to have more experiences.