• "Lost..... I'm lost," a breath could be heard deep inside the darkness.
    The dark wind. It blew, and there was nothing left. Only darkness and its wind.
    The cold breath of it felt as if it were asking something of the figure trapped in the darkness. She failed to notice.
    "All is lost," The Voice replied, soothingly. It was calming, but still she didn't notice.
    "I'm... lost," she was unmoved, "help..." Her eyes were nearly closed and her lips were dark with loss.
    A nearly dying whisper escaped from her lips as her weakened body began to numb against the cold the dark carried.
    Incomplete. She felt all. She knew not what was missing, she paid no attention. Her eyes slowly scanned for any light.
    Lost. She became anxious, but did not move. The wind of darkness swept over her again, and she was tempted.
    Scattered. She was not thinking. All that she could feel or see in the darkness was the mist of fear. Dread. Loss.
    "Wait." She heard The Voice. Soothing her, calm. She adored it as soon as she heard it. It was hope.
    Strong. It was strong. Her mind grasped around it and did as it told. She waited for The Voice again.
    Faint. The girl was weak, but she listened as best as she could. She waited all she felt she could before her muttering started again.
    "Help," she managed to whimper.
    "Calm," she heard. She tried again to obey.


    Dreams. They swirled around in the darkness, searching for warmth. But it was also
    "Lost." The girl gave a start. The voice that spoke was filled with sorrow. Horrible sorrow. She gave a soft cry. She felt.
    "I'm... here," she managed, trying to sooth the voice. But she was fading, though unable to lost consciousness. Her eyes would not close.
    "Lost," they whimpered together. Both fading, wide awake. The darkness surrounding through and around them.
    Helpless, she was lying, unable to move, on the floor. He was leaning against two dark supports. Too dark.
    Cold as it was, neither felt it anymore. Both numb with the thick dark. With the sorrow.
    Why did the darkness hate them? Why did its wind pierce their hearts when all they wanted was
    "Help," his pleading voice called out. She also pleaded. Their hearts cried out. Their souls cringed deep inside them, afraid of the darkness.
    They heard it. The connection. Though fading, they brought themselves as close as they could to each other.
    He heard her voice in his soul.
    She heard his sorrow in her heart.
    Their hands closed together. They were close to each other.
    "Help," they whispered in each other's arms. It was the warmth that brought them together.
    They faded together, hearing one voice. A strong voice.