• I never knew how important I was, I never respected myself nor loved myself. It took a serious incident to see right into my soul and find out how scared I really was. My soul couldn't smile and couldn't move. All I heard was the rhythm of my heart. Then I realized what was going on. 11:43 am it was almost time for my birthday party. My uncle screamed my name so we could leave. "John, hurry you're gonna miss your birthday party!" My uncle screamed, he never was the quiet type, he love to yell and loved loud stereos. "I'm coming, i'm coming! Lemme put on my shoes!" I ran to the car excited because it's almost time for my birthday party. "So you ready to see your dad? You know he missed you alot when he was in the army." I grunted " I HATE THE MILITARY, THEY ALREADY KILLED MY BROTHER AND THEN INJURED MY FATHER!!" My uncle then stopped the car and looked at me. "You know your brother didn't die because of the military he died because of the war. So are you going to ignore your dad the whole time because he joined the military?" I started to stare out the window. "Maybe." I said under my breath. We were on the freeway and it was very foggy outside. I started to hold on to my seatbelt. I had a very sick feeling in my stomach. "Wow, this weather is horrible I could barely see. Then my uncle turned on the headlights. I started to loosen my grip, then a huge shadow casted over the windows and saw a huge truck crash into us. "
    WHAT THE HELL!! " My uncle yelled as he tried to drive out of his way, the truck didn't have his headlights on. It was to late our car hit the wall and crashed into another car causing us to flip over. "AHHHHHH!!!" I yelled trying to cover myself with my arms hoping it wouldn't be my last time seeing the world.

    It was over the car stopped, but it was upside down. I crawled out the window. I gazed at my arms and saw a bunch of glass stabbed right into me. "Uncle, UNCLE!!" I crawled to the corpse of my dead uncle. "UNCLE, Uncle please don't die! Please not on my birthday, PLEASE!" I started to cry, my tears ran up to my bloody nose and drppied onto his cheek. It began to rain, the car was on fire and I was covered in blood, glass and burns.

    TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!