• Roxas wakes up with Sora's arms around him. Roxas smiles and taps Sora's nose. 'He is SO cute!' Roxas thinks to himself. He carefully pushes the angel's arms off him and limps (last night tehe) to the closet to get some clothes. He choses a black tank top, plain white boxers, and some base pants. He pulls them on and closes the closet door.

    After that he feels some arms around his chest, holding him closely. "Got you." Sora said sleepily breathing on his neck making a shiver go up Roxas' spine. Roxas turns around to see a naked Sora. Roxas blushes as he goes into give Sora a quick peck on the cheek and lips. Namine had come out of her little bed and made a big yawn following the two love birds.

    Sora got a blue tank top, black boxers, and black shorts. They went into the kitchen and got some cereal. Once they had gotten their Cookie Crisp, they sat down at the table and started playing footsie (cue the AAWWWWW!). DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG! Sora got up, Cookie Crisp and spoon in mouth, to open the door.

    "I didn't sleep a wink last night!" Demyx said as he walked inside, Zexion following. "Ya come right on in." Sora said sarcasticly as he went back to his breakfest. Namine ran to Demyx wanting a tunny rub. "So why couldn't you sleep last night?" Roxas asked his mouth full. Sora finished his and put it in the sink.

    Zexion smirked. Demyx smiled a Chesire Cat smile and yelled,"Faster Sora, FASTER!!!" Zexion's smirk grew bigger as he saw Sora and Roxas turn cherry red murmuring sorry's here and there. Demyx was laughing his head off at the two. Ah, the look on their face. Priceless.

    "Hey," Demyx started as he finished his fit of giggles and laughter, "Who wants to go to the park? We can bring Namine and go to the ice cream shop in the middle of the park." Everyone nodded. Roxas got the leash as Zexion, Demyx, and Sora tried to hold the dog so she would stay in their arms.

    A few minutes later

    "WE ARE HERE!" Demyx screamed, unfased by the way he was driving while the others were stumbling about, trying to walk straight. Once Sora could at least she images, he put down Namine to put on the leash. Once Namine's feet hit the ground she took off. "After that dog." he said running after the blond pup with the group not fat behind.

    Sora was looking in all the bushes, Roxas was at the ice cream stand looking around, Demyx was at the playground making sure no kids had took Namine, and Zexion was in afield seeing if the puppy would be running around there. No luck. No one had found Namine and it was getting frustrating.

    They all found a table to sit at together. When Sora sat down he started breaking into tears, saying it was all his fault that they lost Namine. "It's okay it's not your fault we will find her okay." Roxas said rubbing Sora's back comforting him. Demyx frowned and got up.

    "What are you doing?" Zexion asked. "I am going to find Namine, she has to be somewhere right?" Demyx was always the enthusiatic, optimistic one. Zexion nodded and went with Demyx to find the lost pup. Sora's tears started to get fewer but they didn't stop.

    Roxas kissed under both of Sora's eyes then gently kissed his lips. Roxas backed away and gave Sora one of those special smiles. 'He is so kind and nice and gentle, that's why I love him.' Sora thought as he hugged Roxas tight and close.

    No more tears had come through Sora's eyes. Demyx and Zexion came running over to them, out of breathe. Behind them was a red head but you couldn't see her real clearly. "We....found your......dog..." Demyx said handing the brunette Namine. Sora started jumping up and down in his seat.

    He hugged Demyx, Zexion, and then Roxas and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "This....girl....helped us....." Zexion said still out of breath. The girl came out from behind the two boys. She had blue eyes and a dress that came a bit above her knees.

    "Hey Sora long time no see."

    To Be Continued