• The claoked figure ran through the burning town. All around were sceams of frightend or hurt people trying vainy to escape the blaze. The stranger wanted to help, more than most, but he knew he had somthing many times more importand to do.
    As he ran through the road when abruptly a monster burst out in front of him. The monster ran towards the sranger, weilding a large sword of some kind, and swung with imposible speed. The stranger stepd out of the way just in time and faster than enyone thought posible he drew a hidden blade from his cloak, slicing the would be atacker across the gut.
    Looking down at the beast he got a good look at what it was. It was very large, at least a fott and a half taller than a normal man. Its body was coverd in hair though it resembled a man. The torso was a large barle chest with hair (more like fur the stranger thought) and looked as hard a rock coverd in scars. The head was a diferent story, it rsembled a bull but the snout wasnt that prominent and it had no fur on its face.
    Peering down the road he began to run but before he took two steps many more monsters pord on to the street. Looking at all of them he wondered just how many there were. The beasts charged all brandishing crude swords howling in bloodlust. The first of the beasts met the stranger head on, swinging his huge sword in a cleave motion. the stranger ducked under the cleave and came up with his sword. The second of the monsters came from the side hacking across. The stranger dodged just in time for the blade to catch the cloak terring it off.
    What rolled out of the tangled mess was a boy, no older than 17, with ankle length hair blond at the roots but fading to pitch black. Upon looking up, ferile looking eyes caught the beasts in its sights. Eyse with slits but the outside the color of a deep purple. Eyes that seemed to glow with unforseen energy.His outfit was also imposing. Black from head to toe except for a symbol dipicting two syths crossed covred buy wings.
    He bound forward jumping to land on the head of the beast in the middle of the group. With awesome speed he jumped down to the grouwned to land on his hands, then spining to send to beats flying. Back on his feet in an instant he apeperd next to the neerest beast and with one storke cut the beasts blade in half as it fell to the ground.
    Fighting and fighting he droped beats after beast, taking down tens of them. After the frist few seconds of shock the monsters rallied and charged from all sides. The strange fought like an animal, ducking to miss a wing of a sword kicking out at its feet then coming up with his sword and to continue the arc to fell anouther beast next to him.
    The brawl went on for a long time when he was most exaughted the beast started crying out in pain. He looked around to see all of them on the ground shivering in torment. In the corner of his eye he saw a flash of light and turned to see an angel in the air. Its gleaming armor shinging with a unearthy glow. His hands held a sheild and a lance both intricatly crafted. Across from him hoverd a horific demon coverd in fire.
    The two colided fighting with bursts of light and fire, the very ground shook from it. The stranger watched with amazment compleatly un aware of the one beast behind him getting over the pain and walk towards him with a sword. At the last second the stranger looked around him to see the mortal blow. He heard a loud crash and thought himself doomed. After a little he oppend his eyes to see the angel next to him with his lance buried in the beast. He looked up at the angel in awe and consion. The angel as if reading his mind Said to him "I would never leave one of my own kind to die in such a way."