• Smoke curled and twisted in the sky filling the air with its soot. The fires had been started by a White Cloud group hoping to smoke out some SP's from their homes to try and kill them but since there had been three Rogue's in the neighborhood most of the fire had been put out save one house that had been too far gone to help. The people inside though had been saved from the horror of a heated grave and now stood on the sidewalk watching, their faces a little black from the soot and eyes tear stained, as their house fell into ruins in their now dreary and dead lot. One of the Rogue's had already gone but the other two had stayed behind to make sure the family would be okay.
    "Hey, Natara if you want I can stay to watch the family. It shouldn't be too hard," said Taren, smiling and swinging his legs back and forth as he sat on the top of the family’s neighbor's fence.
    Natara laughed and said while leaning against the fences side, watching the family with sad eyes which contradicted the laugh," It's okay. I'll stay behind with you." A mosquito bit into her neck and Natara swatted it away and said frowning," Though the mosquito's could change my mind. Only one problem you never fill the paperwork out properly and I don't want to get yelled at for letting you handle this alone."
    Taren's tan face lit up with the pink tint of embarrassment and in response to her comment on his problem with paper work he bit the inside of his cheek and said," Well, what do you expect of a 12-year-old kid? I'm just a stupid little kid who can only use his energy to make firework explosions in the air."
    Natara elbowed his leg and said while still keeping an eye on the family which was now starting to slowly approach them," Hey, I'm only seventeen and not that far from your twelve and for your matter-of-fact your little explosions can actually pack a nice and neat punch." Natara winced and amended," Except for that one time you blew up that spider SP and its guts went everywhere. That was gross and not nice at all."
    He shook his head, softly laughing, and let his gold hair fall into his Omni-speckled eyes, which looked just like his fireworks.
    Natara felt like pushing him off his balance just to make him get back into the professional look they were supposed to have on right now when the family reached them.
    The family was a bunch of druids so the fire had really gotten to them but Natara could see that they still had their heads on and thinking. Which was a very good thing considering that Natara had almost no patience with crying and hysterical people.
    The mother of the family stepped forward first and said," Thank you for helping us and we understand that the Rogue's don't usually come out on errands like this."
    Taren gazed at the sky, his grin back on his face, and said," It's no problem. Our job is to protect the public in a sense and seeing as you are the public, we get to help you."
    Natara pulled him down anyway though he still landed gracefully on his feet like all Rogue's that have gone through training.
    He shot a glare at her but said, dusting himself off first so he'd seem a little more professional," That and since we helped you now we need to make sure you all have a place to stay that is safe and if you will be well off or not."
    The family stood there for a few seconds. The kids didn't look like they knew what to do and the grandmother was just sitting in her wheel chair looking like she was about to fall asleep.
    Finally though the father nodded at his wife and said," We'll stay with my sister Norma. She doesn't like me that much at the moment but she won't refuse us either."
    Natara nodded and said while handing him her card," Call this number if it doesn't work out or if you are in any kind of trouble meaning financial or you are being threatened, stalked, and/ or scared for your life. If you do happen to call me then leave your name, location, problem, and the time current to the call. If it is life-threatening I or another member of my unit or SNO member will come to check on you, remember all depending on circumstances."
    Taren elbowed Natara and said," Could you make it sound any more like we have a death sentence?"
    Natara looked down at him with steely eyes and said," This is the truth and when you're a SP you will always have a death sentence leering overhead."
    Taren, ignoring Natara, handed his card over to the family as was customary and said simply," If you call me I'll help ya."
    Natara ignored how he'd just mostly maneuvered into the family's good graces ahead of her but her code wouldn't allow her to lie or put some things easily ahead of others.
    The family took his card then at the same time Natara and Taren turned and led them to a large black van where the family piled in and Natara got into the driver’s seat while Taren jumped into the front passenger seat.
    Natara took them to the father's sister's house and then drove Taren back to the main office building, which looked kind of like a modern day castle.
    It was in the shape of a castle but was made out of steel and had elevators and sliding glass doors, with security standing outside the doors and hand print scanners to allow access inside.