• Main Character
    Name: Riley Stones
    Age: Sixteen
    Gender: Female
    Apperance: Solid black hair that reaches the lower part of her back which she mainly wears up in a sloppy bun, violet eyes that seem like they tame a wild beast with one glare, soft full lips, clear skin, straight white teeth, skinny but has a bit of meat on her, all together a nice body.
    Personality: It mainly depends on how she wakes up and if her mom is home or not. She can either be rude. nice, mean, caring, are a royal pain in the @$$. She tends to speak her mind and doesn't care who hears her.

    Chapter One

    "Augh, I hate you!" Riley yelled at her mom storming out of the house slamming the door behind her. She and her mother were going at it again; it was the third time this week. They weren't always like that though; they use to be a happy family. But when was around six her father left them and her mom became addicted to drugs. Every night her mom had a new guy in the house. Riley hated them, hated them all. She wanted to get away from it all so that's exactly what she was doing.

    Before she stormed out of the house she made sure she had everything she needed. She brought extra clothes, a bit of food, and some hygen products (deoderant, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, etc...), and her life savings; it was over three-hundred dollars. She ignored her mothers cries for her to return and continued on her way. She navigated her way through the woods behind her house and traveled to the tree house her father happened to make before he left. She climbed up and sat against one of the walls. She was planning her escape. She planned on going to school tomorrow to say good bye to all of her friends then she would stop at work and pick up her check. She would get it cashed right then and would head out on her way.

    She didn't know what she would do for shelter though. She was to young to rent a hotel room let alone an apartment. Even with the money she had she wouldn't be able to stay long anyway. She pulled her knees up to her chest and crossed her arms around them. She layed her head on her knees and started to sob. After a while she heard approaching footsteps. She held her breathe and listened closley. She could tell it wasn't her mom, she wouldn't be able to make it past the yard, all she wears is heals. Not the kind other kind of people wear either. She wears the super thin super high, highheals.

    Riley ignored them and grabbed the blanket she always had in the tree house. She curled into a ball and tossed it over her. She used her backpack as a pillow and closed her eyes. She couldn't sleep though, she still felt the presence of someone below. She closed her eyes tighter and tried to fall sleep.

    As quietly as she could she got out from under the blanket and crawled over to the entrance to see if she could see any body. She didn't see anyone so she let out a sigh of relief. She went back to her makeshift bed and tried to go to sleep. After she was almost asleep she heard footsteps again. Then she heard the ladder start to creack. Her eyes snapped open and even though she didn't want to admit it she was getting scared. She kept her eyes glued to the entrance. Heart beating fast and hard, palms sweating, and she was holding her breath.