• From the corner of her eye she saw movement. Craning her neck to the side she tried to get a better view, wondering what could be moving up here. She went paler than she was and immediately wished she hadn't. surely my immanent death is playing tricks on my fragile mind she thought as she snapped her head forward again, mumbling the mantra if you can't see it it's not real. Her stupid mind on the other hand had other idea's. Dragon! There is a dragon keeping time with my fall!! She thought it in aw.

    Hey little human this said dragon is going to offer you a chance to live. The male voice echoed lightly in her mind. Her eyes went wide. Great now the imaginary dragon is talking to me! She gave a startled EEK! Which was carried away by the wind. The dragon had moved closer it's massive midnight blue head looking right at her. She felt a twinge at the amused glint in it's icy green eyes. She shuddered. She would have never thought green could describe ice. I am not imaginary. I assure you I am quite real. Now here is the deal, I offer you my protection and save your life and you my little human female owe me a boon. Do you accept? The voice asked quietly. Bemused and a little confused she shook her head no. No offense mister dragon but I have a very strong feeling I shouldn't trust you. Besides I've already accepted my fate. Thank you for you offer any way though it was nice meeting you.