• I jearked up and looked at the classroom. Zoey was asleep to. Why had we slept like a cat and a fox in class? Was it involved with the red light she saw and i was hit by while spying on he a couple weeks ago? who knows. i thought. "Sakera! wake up!" Megan hissed in my ear. i woke again. after school was over Zoey went to the cafe, but i sat on a bench alone. "So. KItty has a little friend." a strange voice eminated from somewhere. "Who are you?" i said scared. "Oh. Dodn't Kitty-cat tell you? i'm an cyniclon." the voice said. next thing i knew there was a boy with green hair and pointy ears infront of me. "Your soul will do nicely." he said. "You aren't getting her soul Dren." i heard Zoey shout. A little puffball, it looked like her key-chain, shouted alien alert. Zoey grabbed my wrist and dragged me away, then stopped to look at my wrist. the puffball dropped something in my hand an zoey said, "Do mew-morphasis!". The boy was catching up! "Ok!" i did. My blue hair and eyes looked like nothing compared to my blue version of Zoeys outfit with blue fox ears and matching tail. "Oh. What are you, a refox?" the boy named Dren teased. "As a matter of fact, yes. And you better be ready to be taken dopwn or i'll..." i was cut off, Dren was, well, um, kissing me. I blushed. I shoved him away. "Elemental bell!" i shouted and a silver copy of Zoey's weapon, but with the elements instead of the heart, appeared in my hand. "Elemental, blast!" i shouted. he was blown away. "So, this is a strong one." another voice said. this time it was a taller one with paler skin and purple hair. "Your coming with us!" he shouted, he grabbed me and we dissapeared, after Dren escaped.
    To be continued!!!