• Rough draft of: “The Silver Lining”
    Shawn plopped down against the tree and sighed. He let his wet silver hair hang over his face and closed his eyes as he listened to the rain and ran through the memories again. He could see it in his head all too clear, it made his body tremble. He remembered sweating and hated the heat so he woke up. Then realized the heat was too intense, not to be fire.

    Frantically, he ran towards his mothers and fathers room, then paused as he heard the sickening screams and saw the flames. He couldn’t move, but wanted to jump into the flames to his mother and father whom he loved so dearly. Then someone yanked his shoulder and screamed for him to follow. It was Dr. Isamu, his parent’s childhood friend and business associate.

    Shawn was taught to take to him like part of the family. Since Shawn was adopted he was used to taking to people. But his parents were different. They truly loved him and he knew it, Dr. Isamu was different too. He took Shawn in after his parent’s death in the summer.

    But Isamu was no father figure. Just the headmaster of the new boarding school Shawn’s just started going to, and happened to be Shawn’s’ new guardian. So many questions ran through Shawn’s head. How’d the fire start, what project were they working on with Dr. Isamu. Ever since Shawn was adopted at age 13 they had been working on a project with Isamu and wouldn’t tell Shawn about it no matter how much he begged and pleaded.

    Shawn later understood that their business was private and not to be discussed, so Shawn never asked Isamu. Shawn was always a happy boy when he was younger and he was with his parents as well, and for once he felt truly loved with his parents. Now he was a lonely 15 year old boy without a single friend or true family member. At least when he was in the adoption home he had Kimiko, his best friend whom he even had a crush on, his first and only true friend. Now all he had was a head full of confusion, questions, and memories, and a heart full of depression and loneliness.

    He sighed again and opened his eyes right on time to see the lightning strike in the middle of the courtyard. It lit up Shawn’s silver hair and red eyes enough to make the girl looking through the window on the second floor notice him. She had her elbow resting in her hand the lie on the windows sill as her face rested in her hand that was upright. She had a look of sadness on her face. The lightning brought her back from her memories. It made Shawn think of Kimiko, because the day he left, that very second Kimiko screamed bye, lightning struck.

    He sighed, “I miss her he thought aloud as he stood up. Shawn was thin but a knowledgably muscular and hated wearing shirts because of the way they fitted him. But Isamu said he must wear a shirt while on these school grounds. This annoyed him because he lived there with Isamu ever since his parent’s death. His black buttons up shirt and cargo pants were soaked from the rain, and it annoyed him more so he took of the shirt and left on the plain white T-shirt.

    He wondered what Isamu would think, it was the first day of school and Isamu said he didn’t have to attend the first day but he must meet the teachers. Now how could he do that with his only uniform soaked and the school only a couple hours away from starting? Not to mention he was all the way across from the boys dormitory. Isamu’s office was about half a mile in the opposite direction of the boy’s dormitory from where he was. He figured that if he tried walking the rest of the way he’d either get struck by lightning or, ruin his uniform completely.

    He began walking towards the girls dormitory then paused and remembered something Isamu had said. “Here’s a phone number you can call if you need any help or a friend, I’m sure they’ll by glad to help you with anything.” He could remember the suspicious look on Isamu’s face as he handed him the number. Shawn reached in his pocket and gasped as he pulled out the little crumbled piece of paper with the number written on it. He stared it for awhile, then put it back in his pocket and continued towards the double doors of the girl’s dormitory.

    There were no rules of not being allowed to use the girl’s dryers as far as he knew, so he figured it was the only thing he could do anyway. The girl above in the window got lost in her thought again as she took out her new cell phone and stared at it for awhile. She was told to expect a call sometime this week after been given a full tour of the entire campus. She wondered why the headmaster gave her the phone, and even let her into the school at that. “I’m just a girl whose parents didn’t have enough money to her in the school” she thought aloud.

    “Why would he do this for me?” She said in a frustrated tone. Shawn looked up and down the hall left and right. No one was around. Of course it’s the first day of school and it’s about 6 am, why would anyone be up he thought to himself. He slowly walked to the end of the hall where the door to the dryer should be. He slightly opened the door and peeked inside. It was a warm room. Shawn didn’t mind being warm if he was cold but hated being warm otherwise. His body heated up fast and he hated that…he’d rather be cold. He looked at the dryer.

    “Damn.” he sighed. The dryer was running. He hesitated to open it but did. He set the close in a basket noticing the name tag. It made his eyes widen. Katie, Kimiko. He closed his eyes and shook his head thinking for sure it was impossible. He sighed and continued taking out the laundry.