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    She frantically ran through the woods, pushing branches and leaves out of her face. The thing roared beside her. The girl ran faster and faster, catching a glimpse of the shadowy figure, running by her between the cold, dead trees. Tears spilled from her eyes as she tried to escape the icy forest. She wiped her eyes with her sleeve, when the sound of the creature's footsteps crunching on snow stopped. She quit wiping her red face and turned around, wondering what had happened. Everything was silent, except for a heavy, huffing sound, which was not her own. The girl stood still. Her breaths were whispers compared to the starved panting of this monster. She shut her eyes tightly, hoping the thing would go away. It was quiet again. No breathing. No crunching on snow. Nothing. Suprised, the girl layed her head back in relief. Then she opened her eyes, and froze in fear.

    It grinned hungrily, and roared.