• A girl with shoulder length blond hair stood on an outdoor stage, facing a large crowd of students, she was holding cards in her hands and seemed very excited. She is the most popular, richest, and most stuck up girl at school and the captain of the cheerleading squad, Trisha Delia, “Everyone, hey! Ok tomorrow night is my sweet sixteen.” She called and looked at the expectantly as they all clapped, “You’re all too kind! Whoever gets an invitation is invited!” and she threw the cards into the crowd and everyone dove in except from a girl with brown hair, she has a long streak of hair that she dyes a different color each week, this week was green. Her name is Beka Stryder, she’s captain of the girl’s softball team and Trisha’s rival because she is almost as popular as Trisha. They were best friends once until they both realized they have crushes on the most popular guy in school so now they are archrivals. Beka’s best friend, Rei Benson hurried to her carrying two cards but before she could speak, Beka cut her off, “I’m not going Rei.” She snapped.
    “Aw come on, Bek. We never get to go!” Rei whined but noticed the nasty looked Beka shot her, “Ok I never get to go! Hey I’m not popular like you are!” she snapped.
    Two boys walked over and Beka’s face turned red, one was a blond haired boy and a tall red haired boy. The blonds’ name is Chris Gordon and his best friend is Jake Mareno. Chris is the most popular boy in school because he is captain of the football team while Jake is the best runner on the track team but is not as popular as Trisha, Chris or Beka but he’s not unpopular like Rei, “Sup ladies. What are you two yelling about?” Chris asked.
    “Party issues, you two goin?” Rei asked as they held up two cards.
    “Hell yeah! We wouldn’t miss this even if a bus full of super models broke down outside our houses.” Chris said.
    “I don’t know man, if it were bikini models. I would choose them.” Jake said thoughtfully.
    “You two are gross!” Beka cried but she smiled at Chris, “But if you’re going Chris, I’ll go.”
    Rei punched the air in triumph as Chris grinned at Beka, “Cool, so I’ll pick you up first then you two. Oh yeah.” He said and turned to Jake, “Dude, this is a formal dance. Ya know, dress shirts and slacks for us. Gowns and dresses for the ladies. No offense but no girl will dance with ya if you go in your track clothes.” He turned to walk away, “See ya dude and ladies.”
    “Yeah I need to find a suit, see ya.” Jake said walking away.
    “I need to get something planned. But you know you don’t have to go.”
    “I don’t.”
    “But it won’t be as fun without you.”
    “You won’t me to go don’t you?”
    “See ya at the party.” And Rei skipped off as Beka sighed.
    “I really hate it when Rei gets all Jedi mind tricky on me. I need to remember never to watch Star Wars with her anymore.” She muttered and walked away.
    That night she sat at her computer while her mother was doing her nightly rant, “Honestly Beka, can’t you keep your room clean? And when will you stop going into your room so much? Why don’t you do that in the living room? And why aren’t you in bed anyway? Its almost 1 am.” She complained.
    “One, no. Two, no. Three, Ted is annoying. Four, can’t sleep.” Beka replied.
    Ted is Beka’s step father who’s always trying to ‘bond’ with his new daughter. Unfortunately Beka finds it annoying; her mother gave up and left the room as Beka pulls up an internet page she has open and begins reading, “‘A werewolf can killed with only one solution. You must separate the brain from the head?’ EW! Gross! Let’s see, silver burns the wolf and it is found with a demon from hell. Demons take the form of a large black dog. ‘There are several ways to become a werewolf but they are extremely risky and may or may not work. One is to be bitten by a werewolf but you can only transform on the night of a full moon. The other is to make a charm with the skin from the neck of a hanged criminal which enables the character to transform at will into a were wolf.’ Interesting. Wait.” And she pulled up another internet page, this time it’s a news article from that morning, “‘Police have found the mutilated body of ex-criminal, Derek Chang who was arrested in 1989 under charges of grand theft and first degree murder of billionaire, Esme Swan. Police have stated that he must have hung himself but when they found the criminal’s body, all the skin was gone from his neck. Did someone murder the murderer who was also charged with the deaths a fifteen other people or was this an act of something darker.’” She shivered before clicking off her lamp.
    The next night, Chris who was wearing a nice dress shirt, a red tie and black slacks hurried up Beka’s steps and knocked on her front door. Beka opened the door immediately; her streak is now purple for the occasion and she was wearing rose colored Chinese dress. Before they left she turned around and shouted into the house, “See ya, I’m going out! Be back whenever!” and turned to Chris, “Come on.”
    “Beka, you look…wow. And you hair is…wow.” He said.
    “Thanks now let’s pick them up before my parents change their minds.” She said and added under her breath, “Or before I change my mind.”
    They drove off to Rei’s house to see her dragging something out her front door. She was wearing a long sleeve, blood red dress and she was shouting so loud, they could hear her even though the windows were closed, “Come on dammit! This is my first damn party
    “Well it’s safe to say she’s in a good mood.” Beka said sheepishly as they heard Jake yell.
    “HELL NO! I look stupid!”
    “You’re just wearing a suit!” Rei screamed.
    “A suit my parents gave me!” and Beka smiled nervously at Chris as Rei’s voice grew louder.
    “This was my great grandfather’s suit! Jesus Christ it still smells like him! I smell like an old dude!” he howled.
    “Stop acting like such a girl Jake!” Rei shrieked as she finally managed to drag Jake into the car and as he climbed in, Beka noticed his jacket had coat tails.
    “What’s the address again?” Chris asked.
    “Number 13 Willow Road.” Jake grumbled.
    They drove down the road until the saw a sign ten minutes later that pointed to an enormous mansion at the end of the road, “Now we know why it’s called Willow Road. Look,” and she pointed to the trees surrounding the road, “those are weeping willows.”
    They drove to the end of the road where a group of cars sat. They then walked inside only to have Beka be dragged away by Trisha, “Listen sister, back away from Chris. He’s mine tonight.” Trisha snarled quietly.
    Beka sighed, “Trish, why are we fighting? We’re both popular and we were such good friends once.” but Trisha just sneered at her and flounced off.
    “UGH! I hate that damn girl!” Beka cried.
    They walked into a grand room with a crystal chandelier glittering down on the party goers. Girls laughed as they moved in their best dresses and gowns as the guys watched them, they were all fidgeting in their suits. Beka stood by the punch bowl, glaring at Trisha and Chris who were dancing near the fireplace; she was imagining Trisha dying and wondered if Trisha will die slowly and painfully. Rei spotted her friend and hurried over but not before listening to Trisha’s cousin Julie arguing with her boyfriend, Tom, “I’ll be right back, Tom. Ok?!” Julie was arguing and stormed out of the ball room as Rei ran over to her best friend. Julie ran into her sister, Tammy and they headed upstairs to the bathroom. But when they opened the door, they both started screaming but down in the ball room, no one heard the girl’s frantic yells, “Help somebody! HELP!” Julie screamed.
    An enormous wolf leapt onto Julie and bit her head off as blood splattered onto Tammy. She screamed and ran out of the mansion as the werewolf, already finished eating Julie, tore after her. Tammy hid behind a Hummer but the wolf leapt onto the car’s roof and then pounced onto the poor girl. Back at the party, the lights suddenly went dark as the werewolf smashed its paw into the circuit box, cutting off all power, including the phones. Rei, Beka, Chris, Trisha and Jake huddled together as the crowd around them began screaming, but Beka and Trisha glared at each other before scooting away. The silhouette of the werewolf leapt down from the ceiling onto three kids next to the five and began eating them as Trisha screamed. Its hind claws ripped their clothes but the five couldn’t move from fear. They could see its red eyes glaring at them and something dripping from its mouth as everyone tore out of the ball room. It raised its snout to the ceiling and began to howl. They jumped into a closet on the second floor and crammed themselves together. They are covered with the blood from the three people and their clothes were ripped but other than that, none were hurt, “Ow! Whose gorilla feet are on my feet!?” Trisha cried.
    “Well excuuuse me for having such big gorilla feet! Why don’t you get out of my damn face!?” Beka snarled.
    “Why don’t you make me!?”
    “Oh you have to be KIDDING ME!” Rei shouted, “You two KNOCK IT OFF! God dammit! There is a werewolf out there and you two decide to fight now! That thing ate three people, maybe even more!”
    “Rei’s right you two, knock it off.” Jake whispered seriously.
    Beka and Trisha glared at each other but didn’t say a word as Chris pressed his ear against the door. But he didn’t need to; they could hear the monster move past their door, its breathing rough and rattling. Then they heard the screams of their fellows then silence, “O-ok, I think it’s gone. Someone go out and check.” Jake whispered.
    I’m not going out there! Are you mad!? You saw that thing eat three people already! They were right next to US!” Rei hissed quietly.
    “’m not either. Unlike you guys, I kinda wanna live.” Beka added quietly, “I nominate Trisha to go.”
    “Hey! I wanna live too!” Trisha snapped quietly.
    “Ssh! Ok, you guys, if we stay here arguing, that thing will find us.” Chris whispered, “If we go out alone, one at a time, that thing will eat us. We’ll all go outside together.” And they cautiously opened the door and peered outside and deciding the cost was clear, they moved into the hall.
    “Ok, you ladies stay here. We’ll be right back.” Chris said and he and Jake walked towards the end of the hall and vanished around the corner as Rei, Beka and Trisha huddled together. But suddenly Chris and Jake raced back into the hallway with Julie’s boyfriend, Tom at top speed, “Not that way! NOT THAT WAY!” Jake yelled.
    They found out why a second later, the werewolf tore into the hall right after them as the girls screamed. They all ran back to the ball room but the werewolf had slashed at Beka’s leg causing her to hit the ground. Chris grabbed her and they continued running into the ball room but before they could barricade the door, the werewolf closed its jaws around Tom’s leg, “Oh s**t! It’s got my leg! IT’S GOT MY LEG!” he yelled and was dragged out of the ball room and blood splattered onto the remaining teens who slammed the door shut. They turned and saw four more teens were with them, “What the hell was that!? Was that a werewolf?!” one of the girls screamed.
    “No that was Santa Claus. Of course that was a werewolf you retard!” one of the boys snapped.
    “How do you kill a werewolf?!” the second girl stammered.
    “How the hell should I know!? Do I look like I kill these things for a livin?!” the first boy yelled.
    “Hasn’t anyone called 9-1-1?!” Trisha shouted.
    “We tried, the lines are down here. It must have taken out the circuit box.” The second boy explained pointing to a cordless phone on the ground.
    That was when Beka suddenly remembered that internet page she as reading the night before, “I know how to kill a werewolf. You have to separate the brain from the body then burn the body or else it will return as a vampire.”
    “Wait. What about silver, garlic, crosses, a stake through the heart and running water? Like the movies?” the second boy asked.
    “Silver won’t work, just burns it.” she said shaking her head, “Garlic are for vampires, same as stakes and I have a cross necklace on right now and it still scratched my leg.” She noticed their horrified faces, “And you have to be bitten to become one. And do ya see any runnin water?! MAN!” she cried annoyed.
    Suddenly the werewolf banged against the doors causing them to leap back, “Come on, I checked this place out when I arrived.” Trisha said pulling a pen out of a nearby bookcare and began drawing three maps on the ground, “We are here.” And she drew an X on the room she labeled Ball Room, “There’s a panic room that’s filled with weapons. Problem its here.” she drew another X on a large room on the third map, “There is a dumb waiter over there but it’s still on the third floor along with the Weapon Room. We can use it to get back down here but we have to go by foot to the Weapon Room.” She explained and she stood up.
    “Ok, let’s move out!” Chris cried and they looked out the door to see that the werewolf was gone and hurried out.
    “Where are the stairs?” Jake whispered.
    “Entrance hall, which is back-” Trisha started but stopped as they heard growling, the werewolf was back and in front of them.
    “RUN!” Rei screamed and they turned and ran for their lives back to the ball room but not before they heard one of the girls scream. They didn’t look back because they knew she was dead as they slammed the doors shut.
    “AW! Come on! How the hell are we suppose to get to the third floor?!” the first boy shouted.
    “Have you ever played octopus?” Jake asked gasping for breath, “You run from one end of a field to the other and who ever the octopus is has to tag you and you become frozen. That thing knows what we’re goin to do. Its playing octopus. Except,” he paused, “the loser dies.”
    “Well it’s a good thing we’re part of sports. Guys you come with me, ladies you stay here.” Chris said but everyone began arguing at once.
    “Hell no! We’re not staying here!” Rei shouted.
    “That thing could burst through any minute now!” Trisha yelled.
    “I am NOT goin out there man! I won’t!” the second boy cried.
    “Ok, those who wish to go, come on. Those who don’t, stay here.” Jake ordered and he, Trisha, Beka, Rei, and Chris stood up and walked towards the door on the other end of the ball room and stepped out into the empty entrance hall.
    “What a bunch of retards.” The first boy muttered.
    “Maybe we should go with them. Here we’re sitting ducks.” The remaining girl said nervously.
    “Nah, don’t worry. We’re perfectly safe-” the second boy started but with a crash, the werewolf burst through the wall and leapt onto the three as they began screaming.
    The group walked into the entrance hall which was a grand room with a crystal chandelier glittering down on them as they move quickly to a set of marble stairs. They saw that the walls were covered with deep groves and blood. On the ground, there were body parts the wolf didn’t like scattered on the marble. They made their way quickly up the stairs but just as they reached the top of the second floor, the werewolf dropped down from the ceiling, its fangs covered with blood. A determined look fell across Jake’s face as he darted from one side of the were wolf to the other and then behind it. It raised one of its clawed feet and scratched Chris’s face, leaving three long, bloody scratches as both Beka and Trisha screamed, “CHRIS!”
    The werewolf turned onto Trisha and Rei and cut a long deep scratch below their eyes as at that moment, Jake leapt onto its neck and hung on as it began thrashing, “Get out of here!” he yelled.
    “Hey come on, get over here!” Chris cried.
    “Just get the hell outta here!” Jake ordered.
    “I think we should respect his final wishes and run.” Rei said and they turned and ran down the hall as the werewolf threw Jake into the wall and swung his claws at him but he was already gone.
    They found the other set of stairs as Jake caught up with them, “And you said track was stupid.” He said to Rei and turned to Trisha, “You ok?” he asked seriously.
    “Yeah.” She said surprised and blushed.
    “OK lovebirds, let’s go. We got a werewolf on our tail, remember?” Chris said and they ran up the stairs and found the panic room easily, a small metal door was next to the oak ones, “Good, the dumb waiter is here.” Trisha said looking inside.
    “We’re goin to fit in that?” Beka asked nervously.
    “Hello? Remember, giant wolf back there?” Rei asked as they burst through the doors to find hundreds of swords, bows, arrows and guns waiting for them.
    They each took a different weapon, Chris, Rei, Trisha and Jake grabbed a different gun each while Beka grabbed a sword, “You’re stupid. What good is a sword with that thing?” Trisha sneered.
    “You have to separate the brain from the body.” Beka replied coldly.
    “Yeaah, shoot it in the head. And blow its brains out.” Trisha snapped.
    They hurried back to the dumb waiter as the werewolf bounded up the stairs but they managed to cram into the tiny compartment in time. It slowly lowered them until they reached the ball room. They noticed there was more blood than ever but then spotted the hole in the walls and plugged it with one of the bookcase, “Ok that should buy us some time.” Jake said as the four with guns quickly loaded them as the wolf, no longer able to use its hole, began slamming against the door.
    Rei and Jake ran to stand on either side of the door as two creatures burst into the room. One was the werewolf, the other was a large black dog. Trisha shot it at once and the dog dropped to the ground but rose to its feet a moment later, “What is that!?” Trisha screamed.
    “‘A werewolf is usually found accompanied with a
    demon from hell.” Beka said quoting the internet page, “Which,” she paused, “which usually take the form of a black dog.’”
    The dog suddenly molted, its fur slid off to reveal pink slimy flesh, its eyes rolled up but the whites of its eyes were blood red, its fangs and claws grew longer and sharper as spikes appeared along the dog’s back and down to the tip of its tail. It lunged at Beka as the werewolf attacked Rei. She screamed as a searing pain shot up her arm. The demon scratched at Beka’s face before she decapitated it with a clean swing of her sword. Trisha screamed suddenly, the werewolf had turned on her but in a flash, Jake leapt in between them, his arms stretched out as if he was protecting her. It slashed at him, cutting deep scratches into his chest as a book hit the wolf’s head, “Jake!” Trisha screamed as Chris threw a book at the creature’s head.
    “Oi! Ugly, ya want to eat someone? Come and get me!” he yelled.
    The werewolf turned and raced towards Chris as something silver flashed out in between them. The werewolf’s head bounced away as the three looked to see Beka and Trisha holding a bloody sword and high fiving each other. Sirens began screaming in the distance, “Look!” Trisha cried.
    The body was becoming human again; all at once the headless body of a young man was lying on the ground, dead. Paramedics rushed into the room and ushered Jake, Chris, Beka and Trisha outside and wrapped them in blankets. Jake wrapped his arm around Trisha’s arm and moved her closer to him. She didn’t object, instead she blushed and scooted even closer as Chris pushed Beka’s head onto his should and she smiled as her face turned scarlet like Trisha’s. That was when she realized something, “Hey, w-where’s Rei?” she stammered.
    A howl echoed from the mansion, a howl that sent shivers up their spines. They remembered the werewolf going for Rei first, how she screamed in pain, the puncture wounds on her arm that could have been from the beast’s claws but weren’t. They realized that their troubles aren’t going to be over for a long time.