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    tab With blood on his hands and quite a few murders to his name, Dave Shooter was off running. The police were after him. He reached a dead end and stopped. He turned around to change direction. But as he was about to leave, he noticed something quite strange. The raain falling turned into ice as it hit the ground in front of him, quickly piling up into a wall of ice blocking his only way out. He found this particularly strange since it was the middle of summer.
    tab What's happening? he thought to himself. It was then that he felt a strange presence behind him. He turned around and in front of him was a strange man indeed.He wore a hat and cloak the color of the sea. He also wore a mask of the same dark blue that only showed his sad blue eyes. His eyes were the only thing that stopped Dave Shooter from pulling out his gun. They were a deep blue and seemed to contain a deep hidden sorrow and the rain falling around him only seemed to enhance his misery. But there was still something about him, something that caused Dave to feel scared. Or maybe it was just the ice wall behind him that sent a chill down his bones....
    tab "Who are you?!" Dave demanded, his teeth starting to chatter, "Tell me who you are or else!" he started to reach for his gun, but for some reason, he didn't pull it out.
    tab The man just looked back at him, his expresson unchanged. He spoke slowly and sadly. "My name doesn't matter, you don't need to know who I am. But I know who you are, Dave Shooter, you're the reason I'm here."
    tab Although it might not have been fear that Dave felt earlier, it was definitely fear that he felt now. "What are you talking about?!" he shouted, "Who are you?! Why are you here?!"
    tab The man just stared at him. His sad eyes seemed to deepen as he opened his mouth to speak. "I'm your executioner. It is my duty to destroy those who need to be destroyed. I am truly sorry, Dave Shooter, but you need to be destroyed."
    tab Dave's fear reached its peak and his heart started to race as he began to speak. "So what are you going to do?!" he shouted in hysterics, "Are you going to kill me?!"
    tab There was a long pause. The executioner's eyes seemed to be deeper that what was ever thought possible. He seemed to be near tear as he spoke. "Unfortunately, yes. But I leave you with two options. You can fight your fate and try to defeat me if you wish.But nevertheless, your fate will still come. Your other option is that you can accept your fate, accept that what you've done is wrong and go peacefully. The decision is yours. Will you fight it, or will you accept it?"
    tab Dave just stood there and thought about the things that have happened, the things that he'd done, the people that he killed.... He looked up at the executioner, right into his sad eyes, and answered his question.
    tab "I accept my fate"
    tab The executioner's expression remained the same.
    tab "Are you sure?"
    tab "Yes." Dave replied. "I've done too many things, killed too many people. I both deserve and accept my fate. I am prepared to take whatever punishment my fate has in store for me."
    tab The executioner gave a small smile. Not because he wanted to kill Dave, but because he was able to make Dave understand. Dave closed his eyes and just stood there, waiting for his death to come. He faintly heard the sound of police sirens and absently wondered what would happen when the police see the executioner. But that didn't matter to him anymore. Nothing did. His time has come, and he was ready.
    tab The executioner slowly pulled a gun out of his cloak and, smile gone, aimed the gun at the sign of Dave's head.
    tab "Very well."

    tab But when the police got there, they didn't see the executioner. All they saw was serial killer Dave Shooter standing still with his eyes closed. Then, they saw blood shoot out of the side of his head. They ran up to check his pulse. He was dead.
    tab They later searched for anything that could explain his mysterious death. But they never found anything. They never saw the wall of ice and they never saw the gun or the man that wielded it. They found nothing.
    tab But what they didn't notice in their searches was the only thing that they could have found. They didn't notice the tiny statue, no bigger than an inch, of a blue dragon that stood in the exact same place where the executioner once stood.