• “Alright everyone listen up. We have two new girls joining us. They will be here shortly. Before they get here I want to decide who’s teams they’ll be on.” Leader said as we gathered around the table. I couldn’t believe I woke up for this. Leader continued his speech. ”Itachi, Kisame. You two will take Destiny. Hidan, Kakuzu. You two will take Trinity. It’s up to you all to figure out witch of them is witch.” The double doors swung open and in walked two identical looking girls. Black hair hung down to their shoulders, both had pale skin (more paler then Hidan’s even). The only thing that was different about them was that one of them had shining green eyes while the other had shimmering blue ones.
    “Hi!” said the blue eyed one, smiling rather widely. “I’m Destiny. This is my sister Trinity.”
    “Yo.” To me the green eyed girl seemed dull and quite. While the blue eyed one, Destiny, seemed loudly and happy. The first one of us to speak was Hidan.
    “Are you freaking kidding me! I have to be paired up with two silent creepy heathens!” He was freaking out. I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit at the child ness of his actions. Before anyone else could say a word Tobi hugged both of the girls.
    “Hi!! This is Tobi!! Tobi’s really happy to meet you too!!!” Tobi pointed to himself. Destiny smiled.
    “It’s nice to meet you Tobi-kun. Could you tell me and Trinity who we’re paired up with?” Tobi sparkled with happiness as he nodded rapidly. As Tobi grabbed Trinity’s arm and ran her over to Hidan and Kakuzu, I couldn’t help but practically stare at Destiny. How could a girl like her get into this organization?
    “This way Destiny-Chan! This is your partners! Itachi-sama & Kisame-sama! Did Tobi help Destiny-chan?” Tobi appeared in front of us holding onto a smiling Destiny.
    “You did wonderfully Tobi-kun. Thanks.” She petted his head before Tobi ran off. She turned to us smiling widely again. Man she smiled a lot. ”Hi. I’m Destiny. Let me guess your Kisame right?”
    I nodded. “Yeah. How’d you know?”
    “I figured so cause you seemed like a ‘Kisame’ &...well Itachi means weasel & you don’t look much like a weasel.” She giggled at her explanation. I smirked.
    “Well, I guess we should get started. Right Itachi-san?” Itachi just nodded. We walked off down the hall towards mine and Itachi’s room. “This is our room. If you need anything just knock then come in.” She nodded. We showed her around the rest of the hideout before dinner was ready to be had and stuff. None of us ate in the dining room much. I never really understood why we had it in the first place but we did.
    “We’ll leave you to yourself now. Bye.” I said. Destiny waved bye with a big smile. Itachi walked off somewhere other then our room cause that’s where I went. I laid down on my bed and stared at the ceiling and began thinking.
    “Why would Leader-sama allow a happy go lucky girl into the organization when we already have Tobi? Her sister, what was her name…Trinity that’s it, she seems more Akatsuki type then Destiny. Oh well if Leader-sama says she’s good enough then I should to, I guess.” I closed my eyes and started to drift back to sleep.
    “Kisame-sama? Itachi-sama?” Destiny’s gentle voice sounded from behind our door. The door creaked as it was opened slowly.