• A shadow passes through the dense trees. Dark leather boots making little sound on the recently fallen damp leaves. A light mist hung in the air, Remnants of the previous nights rain. The sun was just approaching the eastern horizon. Predawn was the time that best suited her light green eyes. Clad in a simple heavy light brown shirt and dark brown pants and a forest green cloak, With beautiful reddish brown hair flying freely, she struck a mystifing image. With a light long-bow in hand and full quiver on her back, she led the way from shadow to shadow, hunting her prey. The trail lay clearly out before her trained eyes. She had been hunting the animal for a few hours now, Slowly gaining ground on the large buck.
    Within the half-hour she spotted the animal, kneeling before a small meandering stream, Shining coat and rippling muscle sparkling in the lightening morning mist, drinking its fill of the fresh spring water. Bow in hand, she notched an arrow and drew back the taught string. The arrow flew away, then another, before the first even hit the mark. The missles, as true as any she has ever fired, drove into the beasts head and neck, killing it quickly and mercifully. She approached the felled animal, and after inspecting her work, gave a shrill whistle, calling to her nearby compainion.
    "Well, what do you think Tolby?" said the hunter.
    "That Was amazing! how did you learn to fire a bow like that?" said Tolby. At age 14, Tolby was a curious young man. with long, unkempt sandy blond hair.
    "Well, some one has to get our food, no?" She let out a small laugh, then bent over the remains of the buck, offered a quick prayer, then went to work on skinning it.
    "I'm so glad you brought me along with you this time, Denna, it truly is amazing, if a bit scary, to see you in action." Tolby said. " Is there anything i can do to help?"
    "Sure, can you get a fire going and prepare the tent poles?" Said Denna. "We will need to dry out the hide and preserve most of the meat here. I will teach you how to do all that"
    Tolby quickly went about his chores, gathering fire wood and setting up their temporary lodging. By afternoon the two were talking easy, each with a plate of delicious smelling potato, leek, and Venison stew.