• ~Blood Types Part 1b~

    Clause is a wolf Demon. She got her demon form from her father. She is the oldest and wises of them all. She is very powerful! But she rarely fights. She is currently living in the Village Hidden in the Sand.

    Kitahara is the youngest. She is a half demon. There mother was a human. With the Hawk demon blood. But she has the appearance of a human. But her bones, skull, and chakura are different. Her bones were the hardest substance in the universe. [[representing the hawks fearsome beak!]] So, her life, growing up was easier.

    I didn't tell you this yet but all 3 of them are guardians. They watch after The Warriors. Because, without them they will destroy the world. The guardians are there to stabilize The Warrior's powers.

    The Warriors are Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Garra of The Sand. All 3 of them have one thing in common. They were raised with out the love of there family. Naruto's parents died in a war. Sasuke's family [[clan]] was erased from existence while he was young. And Garra... he was born with a demon. His mother died giving birth to him and his father abandon him.. she he grew up with everyone hating him. Calling him a demon, a monster, a FREAK!

    All 3 of them grew up with no family, no love... The Guardians grew up with same way. As before each guardian had there own warrior. Kitten was with Naruto. Clause was with Garra. Kitahara was with Sasuke.

    Kitten tried her hardest not to fall for Naruto. But couldn't help but to accept it. Clause... well she didn't fall for him, but she swore loyalty and her life to him. [[she would fallow him everywhere]] Now Kitahra, she was different. She didn't fall for her warrior... in fact she was kinda scared and annoyed of Sasuke. Instead, she fell, well...

    First off she didn't really like this guy. He was a tutor. He is strong and has lots of WILL-POWER! As she trained with him, she saw dedication and awesomeness. With that she wants to be as strong and dedicated as him! He is her inspiration! He is the one who can prove anyone wrong! He is Rock Lee!

    [[lol shocking but true! To Be cont.]]