• My thoughts have changed over the years since my mother passed away 3 years ago but I recovered over those years. I learned a year ago I was going to go to a boarding school when I turned 16 years old it was way hard to understand but all my father said was its where your mother went when she was your age so no talk back and I was like ok if she wanted it that way and I was not being sarcastic, seriously, I don’t lie so that’s why you should trust me!
    Well at least some people I know come to this school Christina and Austin but were not exactly friends Christina is kind of very, very mean to Sara which is me by the way that’s my name and well I never really met Austin we pass each other in the halls of junior high but that was it and now we both go to the same boarding school. Oh and by the way the boarding school is called “Salt And Pepper Academy” which is weird because if you translate it means Girl and boy academy for no mix ups!
    But I find it kind of awesome to go to a boarding school for boys and girls when you think about it so there is a plus to this school. At least I’m not the only Australian girl going to this school but the other girl hates me so it’s kind of in between on the scale of this school which is so far at one so it doesn’t have that good of a scale. But it’s only my first day at this school. So I’m not worried.
    Anyway at least I’m getting a great education lol! Oh and by the way lol means laugh out loud if you didn’t know what that means. So I’m at a new school and the people I know either hate me or doesn’t even realize that I exist so either way right now it sucks and soon I have to go see who I’m sharing a room with which has three people in each room so at least no one will really notice me! So there is a plus lol! Well actually there is a chance they might.
    This school is very big it has a football field and a soccer field and any kind of any thing in sport wise in this school campus. And there is also an indoor pool and outdoor pool which is neat so a plus there! But any way this school is ok I can always get used to it. Well in my room there is a girl named Lexie McDonald and another named Candice dairy. You never know they might turn out nice and I’m in room fourteen which is all the way down the hall and my bags are heavy which makes it a lot harder. Well got to get there its almost dark. And while I carry my bags down the hall asked me if she could help me with my bags and asked her what her name was and she said Candice dairy and she also asked what mine was and I said Sara Walter and she said yay were room mates isn’t that awesome and I said yeah and when we got there the rooms were amazing I’m serious it had white walls and gold frame beds ad amazing paintings and we each got a dresser and a wardrobe. And an hour later Lexie showed up she said hi and throwed her stuff on her bed and put everything away and then she came over and started helping me and Candice with her stuff and we started talking about how fun a boarding school would with boys. And then I asked if it was there first year at this school and Candice said yes but Lexie said she was there last year but they didn’t get to be in classes with the boys. But this year it’s different because they thought it would be easier to have them in the same classes.
    Were on are way to supper and they see this extremely cute guy and I looked and it was Austin I told them but all they said was “YOU KNOW THAT GUY” in a loud voice and he turned around and waved and I just walked to a table while they waved back and when they came up to the table I said omg could you be any louder and they said no but I cant believe you know that hottie and I’m like I don’t exactly know him it’s just that we went to the same junior high. Well then why did he wave to you Candice said and I said back he is just being friendly and Lexie said sure he is and I said he is I never even talked to him in my life I just usually see him in the hallway. And I’m not lying! Well anyway change the subject.
    When we got back to our room we started talking again about random stuff. Like who likes who and which classes do you have this year and what the teachers might be like and whether or not I should talk to Austin or not it’s just random stuff we talked about nothing really important. But there was a subject that was kind of cool it was about last year and who went out with who and stuff like that and I told them about Christina and how she likes to ruin my life socially and that’s why I didn’t have any friends in junior high just because her boyfriend thought I was cooler then her. But he moved a year ago to Jamaica because his dad won the lottery! Which was kind of strange to ruin my life over it I mean I used to be her bff and every thing but not any more she hates me and I hate her so it’s kind of mutual hate lol. But any way I don’t care! And then we went to bed and set are alarm clocks at 6:00am so we can each take a shower and get dressed brush are teeth and every thing and by the end of all that it would be 7:00am and we would go for breakfast we get an hour to eat and every thing and by 8:00am you go to class and then class begins at 8:15am so we can talk or get ready for class.
    Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzzzz the alarm goes of time to start a day of classes. We all wake up with a groan and I say in a sarcastic way yay time for school and they all laughed and I gave a little giggle. And the day begun I took my shower first so the other two could sleep for a little bit longer and then I had the fun of waking them up when I finished my shower at 6:15am and it was Lexie who went in the shower next. And when she was done we both tried waking up Candice but all she did was sleep we ended up spilling a glass of water on her after we tried to pull her of the bed. Which was kind of funny when you think about it?
    When we got to breakfast it was kind of crowded. So we got our food and we sat down at a table in a corner and just talked for an hour and then we ended up sitting beside each other in class. Candice sat behind me since she was taller then me and Lexie in front of me because she was kind of shorter and guess who ended up sitting next to me? AUSTIN which was a big surprise I was sitting right beside the wall so no one else sat next to me which I was glad of but still Austin sat next to me but then again all the other seats had people in them. He always didn’t talk to me but during the 15 minutes before class started he talking to me and telling me about the things he heard about this teacher like that she is going out with two different teachers one doesn’t teach at this school but the other does and I was just saying cool but I really don’t care I told him and explained that she might like one and love the other for instance and that the one she only likes is like in love with her and she doesn’t want to tell him that she loves someone else. I think she is very calm about the whole matter but sooner or later she has to come through and tell him before he purposes. All he said was wow you would make a great writer because of your detail and what would you do in that situation? And I said I would explain to the guy what I’m going threw and he might understand. And he said wow and not sarcastically just like a regular person talking to me which is very weird especially with the most popular guy in the school. Dinnnnngggggggg dinnnnggggggg there’s the bell well bye I said to him and he said we still had four more classes together and I said I’m sure you’re a nice guy I don’t want to mess up my chance at this school and he said how about we be friends and nothing else and I said sure while sticking out my hand and he took it and shook it but I could see the sadness in his eyes. So when I shook his hand I pulled him in and gave him a friendly hug. And then I left and he chased me out and I went into math and he sat next to me and I told him I’m sorry and he said you shouldn’t be I should be because you seen the look on my face and you thought it would help but it made it worse but I don’t mind you probably already have a boyfriend or something so I should be really sorry. And I didn’t say any thing and we both were silent during all of the rest of are classes. And at 12:00pm (lunch time) I passed him when he was sitting and I smiled a little at him and he smiled back and went back to a sad face.
    I sat at the table next to him and Candice asked what’s with you guys you were talking during class and ever since we split up into different classes it’s been all weird between you two we kind of were talking about that hug we did in homeroom after you two got sent to different classes and well it became awkward. I got up from the table and went to Austin and gave him my msn and then gave him my room number so we can talk and figure out what to do and hang out and do homework. And I went back to my room and shortly after I heard a knock on the door and I went to go answer it but I was crying so I had to find something to wipe my eyes with but there was nothing so I gave up and went to answer the door and there he was but all he did was give me a friendly hug and asked what’s wrong and I told him that everything is wrong I promised after my mother died not to be to happy and now every time I get a little happy I end up crying and he said every thing is ok you don’t have to cry any more and I just went over to my bed and laid down face first on my bed and he pulled up a chair and sat it next to the bed and rubbed my back saying it’s ok everything is going to be ok. And I turned around and sat up and whipped of my tears and asked why he never talked to me before and all he answered is I really liked you and if I talked to you it would be hard you know it’s not easy to be me and well I cant handle being with you without really being with you. So it’s hard? I said. Yeah very hard so that’s why I never talked to you but every time I walked by you I smiled you just didn’t look up to see that’s why you never knew but know you know so now its awkward. It’s not awkward I just wish you would have told me so I wouldn’t feel so terrible all the time and you could have talked to me. I know I know he said and I said we should skip next period and just talk about what’s going on. He said that yeah you’re probably right its only reading were doing. So where do you want to start the convo he said. I don’t know maybe if we just lay down we might figure it out. Maybe your right he said. We laid there for like ten minutes and then we cracked up laughing. But before we did I said man its quiet and then we cracked up laughing if you want the real facts.
    We got into a convo about Christina and then I sat up and then I laid back down on his stomach and he sat up against the back of the bed and I also got up and then I sat between his legs and he wrapped his arms around me. And I turned my head and he gently kissed my forehead and I smiled and laid my head on his shoulder and we stayed there until the bell. And we both jumped up and hurried to class with are hands in each others. And I thought it was so romantic and all through class we passed notes to each other and around the middle of class he passed a note to me asking me to be his girlfriend and I passed a note back saying I will let you know. And he sent a note back saying I will take it as a yes. And I said ok then but it doesn’t mean I literally did. And then we started to giggle and the teacher asked do you two have anything to share and his ex girlfriend looked over and I was just looking at him and he said to the teacher no sorry and then he looked over at his ex and said it’s not polite to stare and she turned back facing the teacher and I did to and then he poked me with his pencil and when I turned his face was real close and we kind of ended up kind of kissing each other for a second and we jolted back to are seats. While people were staring and when all classes were over we went to his room all the boys get a whole room to themselves and we just got back in the position we were in before the bell rang and we ended up falling asleep and then we heard his alarm clock go of and we both jumped and I said I really need to go and then I told him to sit with me at breakfast and then I kissed him on the cheek and left running back to my room.
    When I got back to my room Candice and Lexie asked where I was and I said no where. And they said sure when we went to bed you weren’t here and no when we wake up you weren’t here and all I replied is I fell asleep in the library studying for the science test for next week and all they said was yeah sure you were and I said I was and then Lexie took her turn in the shower so I ended up last which I hate. Well anyway it’s technically none of your business not in a nasty voice and they just said whatever and when Lexie got out of the shower I jumped in and quickly got dressed and we all ran to get breakfast. When we got there Austin ran up to us and said hey and whispered in my ear asking if you told them and I whispered back they know nothing. And he said ok and I said it’s alright it’s not a big deal I feel asleep in the library and he said ok. So how was the hard floor of the library he said and I said it was great and he just smiled and said that’s good. And we had a little giggle out of it and all Candice and Lexie did was look at each other. And then they just looked at us and sat down and so did me and Austin. It took us about ten minutes to finish eating and then we went to class and we both sat in the left hand corner passing notes and he asked me again if I would go out with him and I passed a note saying I think you already know. And we both just stopped passing notes for that class and when the bell rang for our next class we held hands but were careful we weren’t caught. But any way it was fun because are next class was gym I got to were shorts and a tank top and he wore his shorts with t-shirt. We stoke together through the whole class. Oh and I forgot to describe myself I’m tall and skinny not to skinny but normal skinny and I have dark blonde hair and very smart so if anybody needed help with studying or anything then I’m the one to go to.
    When all classes were over me and Austin went for a drive in his Mercedes down to the beach. Because it was Friday which meant it was the beginning of the weekend. Which was kind of fun to do. We went in the water and everything and made a sand castle which was awesome and then we left and went back to my room where we hanged out and got back to our comfy position and we laid there and eventually fell back to sleep until Lexie and Candice came and we were asleep and then they slammed the door which woke us up and then they asked what was going on and I just said nothing just hanging out and they replied sure so what’s up then and we said nothing what’s going on with you guys? And they said nothing so what do you think of are teachers? There ok I really don’t listen it’s to easy and then they both stared at me and I like said loudly “WHAT” and they said nothing and I said ok and I told Austin he should probably go to his room and he said yeah and see you at supper and I kissed him on the cheek and then he left and then I sat down and wrote a letter to my father and then I said done so when are you going to do yours? I left the room and went to the library. I didn’t get any studying done because Austin showed up which made us talk and laugh and stuff so when we were done talking I helped him study which was kind of weird because he kept making jokes about everything which was kind of cute but yeah.
    We went to his room afterwards and just hanged out until his friend came in to hang out with us the first thing his friend said was who is this beautiful young lady and he said my girl friend who’s name is Sara cool his friend said and I said hi and what’s your name in a soft voice. And he said Adam my name is Adam. And I said cool so want to hang with Austin and me? And he said sure if it’s ok with Austin and he said sure why not and then we got in our comfy position and we asked Adam what teachers he had that semester? And he said a lot of boring ones I don’t even want to remember there names. I said cool I think? And Adam say’s it doesn’t matter unless I have them next semester and I said you will have them next semester because they are trying a new semester. And Adam said omg I hate this school. And Austin and I just laughed. And I said how about all three of us go to town and eat some where different? And they said sure that would be fun and then I said ok lets go!
    When we got to a restaurant that looked cheap but fancy we got in there and it was amazing. The tables were real gold at least we think it was but anyway it was great we sat down at a table and looked and the menu and decided what to get and we didn’t start talking until the food arrived. Which was weird I know I think it’s weird too. So don’t worry if you think it is to. Well anyway we got talking and everything we ended up walking back to school which was kind of creepy because it was dark out. When we were walking back they ended up scaring my because they bent down to grab my legs and they but me on each others shoulder which kept scaring me because I thought I would fall but they carried me with no complaints all the way to my room. We ended up knocking and Candice opened the door and they rushed me to my bed and they made me fall backwards it was funny. But anyway it was getting late so they went back to there room and I just stayed up studying and stuff so I would have things memorized. Then Candice and Lexie pulled the book out of my hands which I was mad at them for. They said what’s going on?
    Nothing is going on it was only Austin and Adam what’s the big deal any way? They said at the same time “WHERE WERE YOU?” I said in town at a restaurant that sucked. Candice just said oh ok then I think?
    Omg you guys you worry to much I said. Well that’s what friends do Candice said yeah and you shouldn’t keep to many secrets didn’t you listen in health the teacher said when secrets get bottled up they will have a spaz attack that might hurt someone Lexie said. Well I don’t keep that many secrets and Adam, Austin and I were thinking all five of us could hang out next weekend. Like going to the movies and for dinner I said. Fine they both said but then Lexie said you have to promise to tell us your secrets more often. I will don’t worry I said and plus I am tired of hiding things from you guys. Group hug Candice said. We all ran to give her a hug and then we just laid on my bed and started talking about random stuff. It was kind of weird how all of us just become best friends in such a short time period. But it was cool I was having the best time of my life.
    The next day we hanged out more. It was going great but Austin and I got in an argument about his ex-girlfriend which wasn’t so great we are still in the argument because his ex-girlfriend was going crazy about me and him going out. Which I don’t get because she is his ex-girlfriend for a reason but he thought I was over reacting about her craziness when she chased me all through school with a pair of scissors and threatening to cut my hair of if I didn’t dump him. But he said just ignore it and it is impossible to ignore someone who just chased you around the school threatening you. But anyway we haven’t been getting along so were taking a break but Candice, Lexie, Adam and I are still hanging out.
    Adam and I started hanging out more because he went through the same thing except different except he was being stalked by a guy who thinks he was cheating with his girlfriend. But anyway we hanged out more. It’s not really a big deal but anyway he was pretty cool when you get to know him. And he is fun to him and I were hanging out in his room and he like randomly started poking me I ended up poking him to it was hilarious until he started chasing me out of his room and then Austin came out of his room right when Adam caught me and started spinning me around in a circle. And Austin got mad he thought something was going on but I told him we were just hanging out and it was true but he didn’t believe me. He asked me to come in his room to talk I was literally scared and I am rarely scared for anything. I told Adam I would be back in ten minutes or less and went into his room. His room looked messy instead of a neatly organized one like usual I wondered if anything was wrong or something. I asked him if there was anything on his mind or if something was wrong but he didn’t answer.
    There was awkward silence for about two minutes. He was the first one to speak he asked me if there was anything going on between Adam and me and told me to tell the truth and I did I said there is nothing going on between Adam and me and also said that we were just fooling around and explained what happened. Then I asked him a question, I asked him if something was wrong or if there was something on his mind. But he didn’t answer for one minute and it felt like forever. He said that he missed being around me and that it has been causing him to hurt inside and I told him that he needs to realize things aren’t going to be the same between us since your ex-girlfriend went psycho. And he said he knows and that he believes me and then I asked if I could go because Adam and I were studying while we hanged out and Austin said ok I don’t control you but can we just be best friends just until my ex-girlfriend cools down and I said sure.
    I went back to Adams and we went back to studying and then he started poking me again and I told him that he is not allowed to chase me out of the room again and that we have to stay in the room for the poking fight so it doesn’t bother people and he said sure and then we started studying again. After a hour or two we stopped studying and started to talk until he started tickling me it was weird he randomly does stuff. I ended up tickling him it was fun. He chased me all around his room until I fell onto his bed and I said you caught me and he grinned and said yeah then he gently kissed me it was romantic he said sorry and I said don’t be and I sat up and he sat down. I kissed him back except on the cheek. And I just laid back down while he just sat there. Then he laid down and put his head on my stomach. We laid there for about ten minutes. Then he turned around and sat up I did to so I wouldn’t take up the bed. We ended up laughing and then we got up off the bed and walked to town because it was only five O’clock. It wasn’t that far so we didn’t mind we went to a movie it went on till seven O’clock. Then we went to a pizza place. The pizza place wasn’t like the restaurant we went to with Austin. This pizza place had good food and had cool paintings on the wall. And the girl who served us was real nice we offered her to join us but she said she was to busy. We could understand that after we finished are pizza we went to this dance club but don’t worry we didn’t drink liquor we only drank coca-cola and water. We danced to most of the songs. It was fun we went out for air and it was nice and cool but something in side of me made me cry again. My promise was killing me I wasn’t able to be too happy. He asked me what’s wrong the same way Austin did and it made me cry harder. Then Adam asked me again what was wrong and I couldn’t get myself to answer. About ten times about him asking me what’s wrong I answered and said I like you and its making me happy and I made this promise years ago that I can’t be too happy and it hurts me inside when I am. And then I said I am not sure what’s going to happen I like you I like Austin how am I supposed to choose who I like more.
    We walked back to school with his arm around me while I still had tears in my eyes and he kept saying the same thing Austin said everything is going to be ok. I looked up at him and smiled and stopped crying and took his arm of me and I told him I was good to go and he asked if I was sure and I said as sure as I can be but I was thinking I wasn’t really sure about anything right now but he didn’t believe that I was ok something Austin did believe. And then I started thinking again if I am meant to be with Austin or with Adam the thing is Adam knew I wasn’t ok and Austin thought I was so I really am not sure.
    We went to Adam’s room to talk about it. He actually didn’t know what to do either. So we just hanged out in his room until a poking fight came up. But the difference with this one is that I started it. But like last time he chased me out of his room. I was running out of breath so I ran straight into Austin’s room and sat right against the door. Then I saw Austin he was looking at me out of breath and checked off something on his paper. I said hi and he said second time you ran out of his room having a poking fight and I also heard you had a tickling fight. I was stunned that he was taking notes about this. But the truth doesn’t lie he was right there holding up a chart. He looked at me and asked me if I liked him and Adam was standing out the door and stopped trying to get in I think he was trying to listen to the conversation. I looked up and said nothing. He didn’t have a happy face on either. I didn’t answer and looked back down. I wrapped my arms on my legs and started to cry. Adam ended up getting in while Austin just sat there. I think he was amazed. Well anyway Adam sat down next to me and moved me onto his lap and was moving my hair out of my face and trying to get me calmed down. Austin started to help but he wasn’t happy about what was going on. But if I was him I wouldn’t be either. So I was sitting there crying on Adam’s lap. I was confused and terrified on what was going on. I started to stop crying. I didn’t say anything I just stayed in Adam’s lap. Adam gently kissed me on the forehead saying everything is ok you don’t need to cry anymore you have great friends. Austin said sorry for how he had acted before he didn’t want for me to cry or anything. He just wanted the truth.
    I stayed in Adams lap and turned to Austin and gave him a hug. Then I turned to Adam and said that I was ok. He didn’t believe me I could tell by the look on his face and then I said to Austin that I would talk about this later with him and he said ok. And I then said why don’t we hang out in my room so we can cool down. And then they both said sure.
    When we got to my room Candice and Lexie were shocked to see Austin. They were cheering a minute later because they thought we were back together. It took me about ten minutes to explain that were not back together and I left out Adam though, so they wouldn’t be confused and for Austin not to go back a little angry. So I just left him out all together.
    Austin left and I forgot all about that night and fell asleep and I woke up to my alarm clock and got dressed. Went to class and went on life it was two weeks before I talked to Adam and Austin. And I actually had no choice to talk to him because we were assigned partners for a project. But I wasn’t mad about this I just have an excuse to talk to him. And guess what he goes back out with …… Omg you go back out with Christina I thought you didn’t like her any more I said when I found out. And all he replied was that he didn’t like her at the time and well she is kind of cool when you get to know her. I said back that’s in-sane the only sane thing to do is stay far away from her not date her and be googaly eyed with her. He said that he won’t go all googaly eyed and I replied she you won’t. It doesn’t matter any way lets just start working on this project and he replied we need a pencil. And I replied I will go get one and when I got back we didn’t speak or look at each other.