• Teth stood pale faced. His face was as pale as the ghost rumored to live the ruins. Frozen shattered souls crept about.Not a single living thing had touched the palace of Ruthin. The snow crunched beneath his shoes. What lay in there? Final corps?Ivy blood stained?Of all the missions ever devised thought up he got shot up with this one.A hand grasped his shoulders. Teth shot up like a flaring rocket. "Dude lighten up a bit." Only Roth. He slapped his shoulder hard "Dead people...lets hope they're still digging up they naps." He quickly stepped forward "Like my grandma!"He gave a quick jab. Teth knew he was impatiently waiting for the captain's load. Captain 019 was one knotted up dude. Orders are orders no mess-in around. A remark to Roths smart remark "Well grandma ain't messing around today!"
    "Captain 019 right on cue man!"
    "No 06 no comebacks...manners are in order!"
    "What?" he shot the strict glance at the Captain."Dead ain't moving yet."
    "Make welcome to new recruit 052..."
    "Aran...by the way I'm a girl no chick."
    "Check out the chick bud..."