• she looked up into the face of the dragon god,
    -Skyfire, why do you do what you do
    -I want to be sent ot the mortal realms! I want to be NORMAL and not a dragon.
    -You are what you are, Skyfire. I can make you a Half-Breed...one who can still turn into a dragon at times of need.
    -Very well.
    The entire stadium of dragon elders gasped. The room had the scent of charred rocks, and the greyness was ever too dull.
    -You shall be born a human style, but you will still have all the knowledge you have now. You shall know you are a dragon. Do not mess this up, Dragonet.
    -No sir.
    And thats how it all began.

    The day greeted her 15 years later to a sunny morning, filled with the songs of birds, loud, and happy.
    -Sally Skyfire get your butt down here! Breakfast bell was 5 minutes ago!
    oh no!todays thatday
    -you know we have your aunt and cousin coming!get moving so the maid can do your room!
    she rolled out of bed, her heart not into it. Walking to the bathroom, she saw the dragon god in her mirror.
    -something is going to happen to your mother today, Skyfire. Be prepared.
    The image vanished. His warnings are NEVER of any help she thought grumly, and got changed.