• “I don’t know your name, that’s why I'm asking you” he looked confused
    “I don’t know my name, that’s why I'm asking you” she returned his answer, only a few words different.
    “you don’t know your own name?” he asked
    “I don’t know my own name!” she fell to the floor and started crying, her knee was bleeding from her fall so he took a handkerchief from his pocket and pressed it against her cut, she screamed and pulled back and held her knee, she let go and stood back up, her knee had completely healed but it was covered in thorns, like the roses. She looked at him with anger “give me a name” she screamed and launched herself towards him, she grabbed his shirt and shook him, she shook him again and again. “give me a name!” she screamed again, he had looked down and he wasn’t moving, she let go and put her hands to her mouth, he just fell to the floor, he wasn’t breathing. She had broke his neck !