• Hazel Coddington awoke that spring day in her large, curtained bed. She stretched lazily and sat up.
    On her bedside table, the latest issue of the New York Times sat with a glass of water and a hairbrush.
    She picked it up and read the headline:
    "Felicity Rowatt Is Wed to Benjamin Wrigley"

    Her eyes narrowed in disgust. Her Benjamin, taken; it was nearly too much to bear. The threw the paper back on the table, where it upset the water.
    Hazel grumbled through the rest of her day, knowing she had to stop this if she could.
    She searched her past, more specifically, the times when she and Felicity had been friends.

    "Oh, Hazel, what shall we do when we are grown?" Felicity had asked when the girls had been no older than thirteen. "Will we still be friends?"
    "Of course we shall!" Hazel had said. She was always the one who was sure of herself. Sure that everything would work out the way she wanted. How wrong she had been.
    "Good." Felicity had smiled, then the smile disappeared. "Hazel...may I tell you a secret? You mustn't tell a soul."
    "Of course you may, Fee." Hazel said, brightly.
    "Do you promise me you won't tell?" Felicity had asked, her eyes wide and earnest.
    "I promise." Hazel said, her hand over her heart.
    "Alright." Felicity said, looking down and biting her lip.
    "Well, come on! Out with it!" Hazel said, after a pause.
    Felicity nodded.
    "My affections....they are unnatural, Hazel." Felicity said, studying the grass below her.
    "How so, Fee?" Hazel asked.
    "Well, you understand the way you feel for James, yes?" Felicity said slowly, speaking of Hazel's then-love-interest.
    "Yes." Hazel said. "What about it? You don't love him too, do you? That won't do, Fee, that just won-"
    "I feel that way for you!" Felicity said more loudly than she meant to.
    Hazel's eyes widened.
    "W-what?" Hazel said, incredulously.
    But Felicity wouldn't repeat herself, she had just run away. The two girls had never spoken since.

    A slow, wicked smile spead across Hazel's face. She knew just what to do.


    The day after my wedding, I wake late. My husband, oh, how it pains me to say that word, has left me alone. I can only assume he is taking pity on me due to last night's events.
    We made love, but it being my first time, I was quite scared and enjoyed nothing. I had to pretend I was elsewhere while biting my lower lip and looking away. It was uncomfortable and awkward. I dread experiencing it again.
    However, I am expected to bear children. Sons, preferably. I have no experience with children, especially not babes. Perhaps it shall be pleasant, if they love me.
    I am dressed and walk to the dining room, where I am served breakfast.
    I chew the toast gently and drink a small amount of orange juice. I then move to the sitting room, where there are stacks of wedding gifts.
    My husband enters the room and kisses my cheek.
    "I have been waiting for you." He says to me, helping me to my feet. "I have something to show you."
    I smile politely and let myself be led to a back door, which leads to a beautiful garden.
    "Your aunt told me that you enjoy walks in the garden, I had this built...for you." He says, smiling at me.
    "Thank you." I say at once. "It's lovely. May I explore it?"
    "Of course you may, that is why it is there." He says. "I'm glad you like it."
    I smile and nod, stepping outdoors and taking deep breaths of the sweet springtime air.
    I walk for hours in the garden. Most of the flowers are but small buds, but they are colorful and sweet-smelling.
    I sit on a small bench, just humming to myself. Perhaps this will not be so bad.