• Introduction

    My name is Maddy, Maddy Schoonover. I died 5 years ago. I was only 7 then, but even then I knew I wasn't going to live.

    Chapter 1
    How it became
    "Death is a thing of life, ignore it, it will come faster."

    I was with my best friends, Marleigh, Alycia, Jessy, & Samantha. We were swinging and hanging from the monkey bars. My head was hurting but it went away. Then when I thought I was ready to do a jump off the swings, "WHAM!" I was hit in the head with the biggest baseball I had ever seen! The next thing I saw or even felt was the blood, pouring from my face. UHGH, the rusty smell made me want to fall over. I was getting up when my name was being called. I couldn't tell who it was because the blood was in my eyes. but the last thing I remember hearing was she looks bad. I fainted on the spot, and I was hearing faint sirens. Then black...

    I woke up in the hospital room, but I couldn't open my eyes! They were taped shut. I was going to scream out, but something was holding me back. Tape on my mouth. I had been taped up and was wondering why. I eventually heard a faint call. My mothers voice. She was at my bedside. holding my hand. then, I was able to open my eyes. It turns out I was just dreaming. I was in between the world of sleeping and awake. As I was opening my eyes I saw her. My mother. I had know idea that this could be one of the last times I would see her. I looked around the room and saw my friends and family. Sam, Alycia, Jesy, Marleigh, and even my dad. My dad left us when I was 5. He was still apart of my life just not so close. I was aware of the inccident, but what I wasn't aware of was what was going to happen next. The turning point of my life, and remember I'm only 7.

    Chapter 2
    "Cancer is a killer, but don't think you will be killed"

    The doctor came in and said that he needed to talk to my mom. I wasn't nervous for what he was going to talk about, I just thought he was going to say her cut needs to be watched so it won't get worss, or something like, she's fine she can go home. But because of the big glass window I saw her. I couldn't hear anything but just deeing her was enough to say, something bad was about to happen. She burst out crying, and fell straight to her knees. And what happend next was the worst of all. She turned her head and looked at me. Her eyes watery, tears pouring like a waterfall, and her expression was so painful, I couldn't look for more that a second or two without crying, because I knew I was in for it, I was going to die.

    They came back in an hour later, with her wipeing her eyes, and blotting her make-up on, then Dr. Smith said that only family could stay. My friends went out side, but didn't leave. Then the Dr. put up that X-ray of my head,wich my mom still has, and put it to the light, showing that BIG tumor, he said he had some good news and some, terrivle news. The good news was that thanks to the ball hitting my head they had caught why I was always getting headaches and bruiseing so easily, but the bad news was that the thing was a monster. A monster called...Cancer.

    Chapter 3
    "Irony, a magic thing, but even it can be evil"

    I remember the face my friends made when they saw the photo through the glass. They were all there with their parents, and only Marleigh, my best friend broke out crying, for she knew what it was. She only saw the picture once before and that was when her mother died. I had thought it was Ironic for her to be here to watch what had happend to her mother as well. But she didn't, and she didn't care if the Dr. was going to get mad at her, but she just bardged on in there, broke down on my bed, and started crying on me. She was being pulled away from me by her father, but she just screamed, and cried that she didn't want to see me die like her mother. and that if I died she blaimed it on her father for not letting her be there. With those few words Seth let her go, and she came running back. She grabed me, and in between sobs, she pleaded to god to let me live through this. And all this time I was thinking, I don't even know if this was the killer cancer, but I remebered my mothers face, and said to myself. Im going to die...

    Chapter 4
    "The Titanic was sinking, just like my life."

    My favorite movie was the Titanic, but suddenly, thinking of Jack dying in that movie made it my least favorite. I don't know why I kept thinking of the movie, but just thinking of it made me, well cry. I sobboed ever time I watched it but when my mom offered to bring it to watch, I immediatly shouted, "NO!" She said okay, and looked away from me. I saw her tears, but she didn't want me to. She walked out, and I knwe I had hurt her. Watching Titanic with her was something we did on the first tuesday of every month, and that was then. I had hurt her because I never yelled at her, or ever hurt her... TO BE CONTINUED...